Family Games to Play at a Church Social

Updated November 21, 2016

When planning a social gathering for your church, be sure to include family games that everyone can play. Games break the ice for newcomers and give everyone a chance to make new friends. With a few game ideas and some creativity, you can bring out the joy in all your church members at family social gatherings. Awarding small prizes, such as biblical bookmarks and pocket Bibles, to winners, keeping everyone ready for the next game.

Paper Games

Make a game of Bible bingo by writing Biblical words in the bingo card squares. Use words like Bible, Jesus, cross, prayer and Bible verse. Write the same words on small slips of paper and place them in a bowl. Give each family a Bible bingo card and bingo markers. The first family to get a bingo must yell "Jesus loves us" and award each family member a prize. For another paper game, scramble the same words used in the Bible bingo squares on a sheet of paper. Give each family a sheet with the scrambled words. The first family to unscramble the Bible words wins the game.

Ten Commandments Games

Have the family sit together. Give each family a sheet of paper and pen. When you say "Go," the families must work together to write down a list of the Ten Commandments. The first team to write down the Ten Commandments correctly wins the game. For a variation, hold up signs with one missing commandment. The first family to raise their hand and say the missing commandment earns a point. The family who earns five points first wins the game.

Memory Games

Write down Bible verses on sheets of paper in black marker. Leave out several words of each verse. Each family is a team. Show a team a Bible verse and have them try to fill in the blanks. If they get it correct, award them one point. Set a timer for one minute, so each team has one minute to fill in the correct words. The first team to earn five points wins the game. Another variation of this game is to have two family members stand back-to-back. Give them a Bible verse and start the verse by giving them the first word. One family member must say the second word. The other family member will say the next word and so on. If they say the Bible verse correctly, award them a point. First family to score five points wins the game.

Tower of Babel Games

Give each family a package of plastic bowls, paper plates, tape, paper cups, foil and phone books. Make sure each bag has the same amount of supplies. When you say "Go," each family must construct the "Tower of Babel" by making the tallest tower they can with the items provided. After 15 minutes, the family with the tallest tower wins the game. If a tower falls before time is up, tell them to start again. For a harder version of this game, only give the teams a stack of paper plates and paper bowls.

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