Ways to produce natural curls for black men

Updated November 21, 2016

Black men's hair is already naturally curly, however the curls can be very tight. There are ways to produce looser-looking curls for black men without the use of permanent chemicals. African hair comes in many different grades of curl. Keeping it clean and neatly trimmed is essential to a great looking curly hairsyle.

A Good Shampoo

You need a shampoo with curl-defining or curl-enhancing features; wash and use a leave-in conditioner. Try Aveda Be Curly Shampoo and the conditioner with the same name. Blot the hair dry with paper towels. Don't rub the hair, as this creates a frizz effect. While still damp, comb through to untangle any knots. Washing and conditioning thoroughly is an important first step for the different ways to create curls for black men's hair.


Keep the hair damp and rub in a moisturiser or gel such as Afro Veda Pur Whipped Hair Gelly. Along with the gel or moisturiser, use Amla Oil. This is an Indian-spiced hair oil which gives the hair a healthy-looking shine. Another product to try is Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer. Using these products accentuates the curls and gives it some hold. Dry the hair using a hooded hair dryer or a hand-held hair dryer. Wrap hair at night using a "do-rag," which you can find in a black hair store.

Other Techniques

If your hair is slightly longer, 2 inches or more, you can create curls using the "twist and separate" technique. After washing, conditioning and moisturising, part the hair into small sections. Separate each section into two parts and coil them around each other. Dry the hair under a hair dryer. Once the hair is totally dry, separate the coiled twists. This produces a curly hair style.

Straw Set Technique

While your hair is still very damp, part it into small sections. Coil the parted sections and wrap paper at the end of the hair. Insert the end paper with your hair into a straw. Do this for the entire head. Dry the hair using a hooded hair dryer. Once dry, remove all the end papers. This produces curls that look like tiny ringlets.

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