Signs of infatuation with a co-worker

Updated March 23, 2017

Infatuation can be a stepping stone to love. But, it is important to know if the person you are infatuated with is interested in you. If the person ignores your advances, it's time to move on. Carrying your feelings of infatuation in such cases only depresses you, and acting upon them creates an embarrassing situation for you at the workplace. Wondering if you are infatuated with your co-worker? Why not find out?

Your Eyes Never Tire

You keep staring at her at meetings, during lunch breaks or at the cafeteria. Your eyes roam to her hair, eyes and nose and mouth in an effort to take in as much as possible. If you are a shy one, you will quickly avert your gaze the instant she turns in your direction. If you are one of those intense ones, you command her to return your gaze with your eyes, but be careful to avoid being too commanding for there is a risk that the girl may take you for a creepy kind of guy.

You Experience Sexual Feelings

There is an intense physical attraction in infatuation. You heart rate increases when you see him, and you feel a rush of excitement whenever you are in his company. You also experience a general uplift in moods when around him. You begin to wonder how it would be if he kisses you. Feelings of desire and passion reign in you.

Thoughts Fill You

You are besotted with her dress, smile, walk and everything related to her. You find yourself always thinking about her and watching her at every opportunity. Sometimes you may even create opportunities such as altering your lunch time to align with hers. You crave being close to her and feel empty when she is not around.

You Seek Ways

You find yourself wanting to make her see you as someone special and close to her. You deliberately try to impress her with your achievements or amuse her with your jokes. When in a group, you wait and watch her reaction to something you said, to see if you have created an impression.

Beware if You are Infatuated

When you are infatuated with someone, you tend to see only the positive qualities of the person. You don't pause to think if your values and beliefs line up with the other person's. It is also normal to think of the other person as the one you have been waiting for all your life. But, if you are thinking about a long-term relationship, it would help to consider the individual's flaws and attitudes as well.

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