Elementary Public Speaking Topics

Written by allison rogers | 13/05/2017
Elementary Public Speaking Topics
Elementary school students should have the chance to speak in front of groups. (Polka Dot/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Public speaking is a source of anxiety for many people. Students in elementary school can be particularly shy when it comes to speaking in front of groups of people. In order to overcome this anxiety, elementary students should have the chance to practice public speaking on topics that are familiar to them. This practice can help them become confident public speakers.

Book Reports

Oral book reports are a way for elementary students to practice their public-speaking skills. Students choose a favourite book and give a short summary of the story to the audience. The audience can include fellow classmates, other teachers or even parents of students in the class. Points to cover during the speech include the setting, characters and plot of the book. Students can even give their opinion of the book and whether they recommend the story.

Famous Historical Figures

A famous historical figure is the perfect public-speaking topic for an elementary classroom. Each student can research a famous historical figure that interests him and create a speech to present the information to the class. Students will feel more comfortable because they are presenting information that is interesting to them. The audience does not have to be limited to a student's own class.

Favourite Things

Creating a speech based on a favourite thing is a way to help elementary students become successful public speakers. Some examples of topics that address students' favourite things are a favourite food, favourite vacation spot, favourite article of clothing or favourite subject in school. Students can develop their favourite thing into a speech by explaining their reasoning and providing examples of why they have chosen their favourite thing.

How Things Work

Many elementary students are interested in science, especially the science of how things work. An interesting topic for public speaking is to explain how and why something works. Something as broad as gravity can turn into an engaging speech that includes the explanation of what gravity is and a demonstration of how gravity works. Elementary students are also concerned about environmental issues, so a speech about global warming or pollution will make for a heartfelt speech.

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