Photo Blanket Gifts

A photo blanket is a personalised gift that brings a special touch to such occasions as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and weddings. Photo blankets and throws come in either black and white or colour, depending on the style you choose for your particular gift. These blankets can be made in a variety of ways, and provide a memento the recipient can enjoy for years to come.

Woven Blankets

A woven photo blanket actually weaves the image onto the fabric of the blanket, rather than silk screens an image onto it. Choose your clearest photos for this type of gift, to ensure the best quality and clarity. A classy touch includes fringe and tassels around the edges. Because of the weaving process, this gift can retain its quality for years. Invest in this type of heirloom-quality gift for a newly wedded couple or as a baby blanket.

Fleece Blankets

A cosy fleece throw is one option for your photo blanket. The photo is dyed onto the fabric, which prevents the photo image from peeling away from the blanket itself. These come in a variety of sizes. Smaller throws can be sent along with your child as they start their new life at college. Immortalise your family and even your pets for additional throws around your house.

Collage Blankets

A collage blanket includes several different photos woven in or dyed onto the blanket. This makes it a good choice for an anniversary or mother's day gift. You may also choose this option when you send your child off to college, so that she can take all her friends with her. It also makes a great birthday gift, showing the recipient celebrating many birthdays through the years.

Tapestry Photo Blankets

An elegant touch to a photo blanket is to include it in a photo tapestry, which allows you to select stylish panels and meaningful text to include in your keepsake blanket. This takes an ordinary blanket and makes it an heirloom, and can be a great choice for a memorial keepsake for a lost loved one or pet. Lay this gift across a bed or hang it on the wall.

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