Cute Pirate Costume Ideas for Girls

Pirate costumes are ideal for girls who want to wear a fun and flamboyant outfit. Interesting ideas for girls come from traditional pirate tales and pantomime as well as modern films, such as Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates are often seen as scary and cut-throat but the contrast between this and a child's costume makes the look all the cuter.


Use the fashions of traditional pirate times, in the 1700s, to create an authentic look. Make use of puff sleeves, flouncy shirts, full skirts and frills. Corseted ribbon tops with long skirts and petticoats are fun to contrast with accessories bought from a party shop, such as a plastic sword or Jolly Roger hat. Wearing pirate treasure in the form of sparkly thrift store necklaces, brooches and rings is also an option. Finish the outfit with a distinctive headscarf.


Make a tomboy pirate's outfit from regular kids clothes. Even young girls can wear pedal pushers or short trousers with striped tights. A waistcoat, which is an old-fashioned tailored jacket, without sleeves, helps to give an authentic look. Boots are not essential but give the outfit a character feel, reminiscent of Blackbeard or Captain Hook. Try dark coloured gumboots for girls too young to wear knee-high leather or a short heel. Dress up in a regular pirate costume, such as the ones easily available online or in local party stores, but give it a cute girlie edge with a frilly shirt and lots of jewels.


Choose classic party-store pirate items to make your costume more detailed and help girls to get into character. A large, plastic cutlass or oversized pirate hat helps to dress up a simpler outfit. These props also encourage character play in younger children. For several years, skull and crossbones accessories have been very fashionable, so older girls might want to wear these to keep the pirate costume cool. Wear glitter skull and cross-bone jewellery, tights or a bandanna with striped clothing for a fashionable pirate look. Other, modern fashion items that are pirate-worthy include leggings, leather belts, tattoo transfers and harem or parachute pants.


Nothing says pirate costume like a big chunky, square buckle. These are usually available individually in fabric stores. Stick them to an old pair of boots, belt or thrift-store shoes. Plastic pirate eye patches come on elastic bands, which make a pretty, themed headband. Or you could remove the eye patch from the elastic and tie it around the hairline with black ribbon for something girlie. Tricorne hats, popular in the 18th century but now available online, are a must for authentic pirates. These large, rugged three-cornered hats look particularly cute as part of a girl costume. They also work well with braided or curled, long hair.

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