Jobs for Motorbike Drivers

Updated February 21, 2017

Motorbike drivers can work in a variety of rewarding jobs including logistics, the film industry, law, accounting and health care. Each driver needs his own motorbike and insurance, an understanding of road safety and a full license. The transportation and distribution industry, which includes motorbike drivers, is expected to grow 14 per cent by 2014, according to Prince George's Community College.


Motorbike couriers are often self-employed drivers who dispatch small parcels across short distances during same-day deliveries. The motorbike usually needs to have a minimum of a 500cc engine and each driver has to have a full motorbike license with specific courier's insurance. Medical couriers differ from other couriers because they transport and supply patients and hospitals with vital deliveries on efficient time schedules. The drivers are successful because they can manoeuvre through long queues of city traffic, unlike vans and cars. They must have a good knowledge of the road networks and an understanding of handling delicate samples such as blood and various pharmaceuticals.


Motorbike messengers are similar to couriers. The single most important difference is that they specialise in delivering important documentation such as legal papers. A motorbike messenger should receive at least the federal minimum wage of £4.70 in 2011. Some messenger companies provide different speeds of delivery options including "it can wait", "just rush" and "need now," although the times often vary in practice due to traffic, weather conditions and, of course, location. "Motorcycle Messenger" is an example of a service in the Unites States that is fully registered and provides legal documentation transport. Other examples include "All America Transport" and "Couriers R Us".

Driving Instructor

Learning to become a motorbike driving instructor is one of the most respected and trusted positions in the motorcycle industry. A successful applicant needs to be an excellent motorbike driver, have good communication skills, be well organised, treat safety as a top priority and enjoy the challenge of training others to become skilful. The majority of drivers are self-employed and can work varied hours or part time to suit their personal needs, so the role is flexible. Driving instructors must take an advanced course of training themselves before they can teach others. An example is the "Rider Coach Preparation Course" led by the California Motorcyclist Safety Program. To obtain a place you need to have an M1 endorsement and a clean record of driving, according to the California Motorcyclist Safety Program website.

Military Police

Motorbike drivers can apply to join the Army or, specifically, its military police force and use their driving skills on the job. Military motorbike drivers can become escort drivers or messengers.

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