Patterns to make dog beds

Updated March 23, 2017

Dog beds come in various shapes, from round to square to rectangular. With the help of a pattern, you can make a dog bed yourself and personalise it with a fabric to match your decor. If you are not well-versed in using a sewing machine, there is also a no-sew option for a dog bed pattern.

No-Sew Dog Bed

For those who do not have access to a sewing machine, Kwik Sew offers a pattern for a no-sew dog bed. It is pattern 3357 and allows you to make a bed for dogs of any size, from toys to breeds weighing over 45.4 Kilogram. The bed is either round or square, made from two pieces of material with cut fringes that are then tied together. You will need to use a heavyweight, non-fraying fabric such as fleece or boiled wool. The pack also contains patterns for a dog jacket and toys.

Variety Packs

Many dog bed patterns come in a variety pack that includes patterns for different styles of beds. Simplicity's 3906 contains patterns for four types of dog beds--one that is round with a 30-inch diameter; one that has a 14-inch hood and is 16 inches in diameter; another that is a 25-inch by 25-inch sack shape; and one made of foam that converts from a dog bed into a ramp for smaller dogs. It is 16 inches high and 41 inches long when opened in the ramp position.

Flower and Doughnut Beds

Simplicity also offers pattern 2297, which contains two styles--a flat flower shape and a doughnut shape. The doughnut-shaped beds feature a wall around them for your dog to lean against. However, this pattern is for small to medium-sized dogs; the largest bed is 21 inches in circumference. Fleece is the recommended material.

Bed Carriers

If you have a toy dog and would like a bed that doubles as a carrier, take a look at pattern 2744 from Simplicity. This pattern is a rectangular dog bed that is shaped like an envelope, in that there is a pocket that the dog can be placed in. You can use this pattern for dogs weighing eight pounds or under. A suitable fabric would be synthetic fur, fleece or novelty velour.

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