Polish Tattoo Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

Tattoos celebrating your nationality can often be the most meaningful and safest ideas, in that your heritage will never change. If you are Polish, or have trace amounts of Polish lineage, consider one of several designs speaking to this fact. Traditional tattoos are done in black and grey shades, but you may wish to incorporate colour to add a level of vibrancy and lifelike quality to the image. Before settling on a design you should first determine the appropriate placement on your body; this will dictate the size and shape of the tattoo.

Polish Flag

The Polish flag is composed of two simple horizontal bars of red and white, with white on top. This flag would be ideal for a small tattoo, as there is little to no detail. The tattooed image can appear flat against your skin, or wavy, as though tied to a flagpole and responding to the wind. This would also be an example of a tattoo that absolutely requires colour in order to adequately portray its meaning.

Polish Eagle

Diplomatic Polish flags have a red and white eagle crest over the white half of the flag. This eagle looks off to the right and has a crown on its head. For tattoo purposes, consider representing this eagle on its own in either the red and white colours of the flag, basic black and grey shades or coloured to look like a real-life eagle perched on a branch or suspended in air. This can be a highly detailed tattoo and may require more space to display adequately.

Polish Script

Script tattoos are numbers, letters or words designed in any particular font of your choosing. You can even choose to design the font yourself to make it all the more personal. Determine a quote or saying that particularly speaks to you and script it in the Polish language, such as the first line from the Polish National Anthem "Jeszcze Polska nie zginela," which means "Poland has not yet succumbed." The words can be any length, but keep in mind, the more words, the larger the tattoo.

Family Crest

If your family has deep roots in Poland, there may be a Polish crest specified to your family. The crest may be a variety of colours, which would be necessary for the tattoo as well as a scripted motto and your last name. Family crests are often highly complex tattoos that require a large amount of skin but they can also be the most unique, as only other members of your immediate heritage could possibly have it, too.

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