Boot Camp Ideas

Boot camp fitness groups have become a common way to get in shape. Contrary to popular belief, these fitness classes are not often modelled after military boot camp but instead feature varied workout routines in the gym, outdoors, at the beach or in other locations that help the instructors keep the workouts fresh and varied.

Add a Goal

Boot camp workouts involve a group of people, often with one or more instructors leading the group. The goal is usually simply to get a good workout for exercise or health. Adding a goal to the workout routines could inspire boot camp attendees to push themselves harder, which can help when things get boring or people start to become lazy or too comfortable. Encourage the group to sign up for an upcoming triathlon or sporting event, then focus the boot camp sessions on training for the event. Additionally, if the boot camp is for weight loss, the goal may be to compete for pounds or inches lost as a group, or compete against another boot camp or fitness class group for most total pounds or inches lost.

Use Workout DVDs

Boot camps that have no real instructors may find it difficult to keep the sessions fun and interesting. Using home fitness DVDs appropriate for your boot camp's fitness level may help. If everyone is generally fit and up for a challenge, the group could all pitch in to spread the cost of the DVD workout program(s) and then share the DVDs, engaging in workouts at a location with TV and DVD players. This option provides structure as well as a full workout with less pressure on the boot camp organisers.

Recruit Instructors

Consult with instructors for different types of fitness classes such as CrossFit, kick-boxing, plyometrics and weight training. Recruiting instructors with different specialities can help with boot camp sessions. Rotate through the instructors, giving each a turn to lead the group in different, challenging, boot-camp-style workout sessions. Alternatively, current instructors may change things up by researching new or different workouts; if no real instructors are present, boot camp organisers may look into different types of group fitness certification such as cardio-kick-boxing or sports fitness.

Boot Camp Websites

Boot camp websites often provide tons of ideas for boot camp classes, variations in workouts, suggestions for improvements and more ideas. You can also find routines used by other boot camps and boot camp instructors to improve their sessions such as drill routines and interval training. Share the websites or ideas with the boot camp group or the other instructors, and select new routines to work with; if an activity doesn't turn out as fun as it initially seemed, move on to another idea.

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