Ideas for Decorating an Outdoor Trellis

A trellis is an effective means for adding style to a landscape. This outdoor garden structure can be equally successful in transforming a dull or bare section of the yard into something significantly more beautiful. Decorating ideas for trellises are best realised by putting time and effort into preparation. A good piece of advice is to make a drawing of what you want the trellis to eventually look like before you start the actual decorating process.

Bamboo Trellis

Bamboo can be used not just for decorative construction of a trellis; bamboo poles are available in lengths ranging from 4 to 12 feet and are especially suitable for geographic regions requiring a higher degree of durability. You can create a bamboo trellis yourself by arranging the poles in a crosswise design that are held together by copper wire fed through holes drilled into the bamboo.

Garden Tool Holder

Diagonal slats that create a diamond-shaped hole in a lattice present the ideal place to keep yard and garden tools you use the most. Curved handles will fit into the holes between the slats; other tools can be hung from twine tied between the spaces. This idea creates a decorative lattice that is also quite functional.

Filling in a Bare Wall

Situating a trellis up against a bare wall offers a creative way to transform that empty section of your landscape scheme. A trellis placed up against the wall can be used to give vertical depth to a part of the yard currently occupied by low growing plants. Decorate the trellis with climbing vines to give it a natural appeal. Aesthetic enjoyment can be created by choosing a trellis with an ornamental top featuring a design in the shape of a sun, flower or heart.

Trellis Wall Art

Decorating with a trellis can result in an optical effect that creates an illusion. Rather than opting for an actual overhead trellis, purchase a 2D trellis made of wire or wrought iron. Although existing only in the two dimensions of height and width, this type of artistic trellis creates the illusion of depth through the use of forced perspective. This smaller trellis can be attached to an exterior wall and then given a twist by painting plants onto it or enhancing the 3D effect with actual plants.

Trellis Gate

A trellis can be integrated into your landscape as a highly decorative gate. Build a simple trellis directly behind the gate into your yard. Across the top can be grown a lush roof of red roses. Contrast the colour of the roses and the colour of the trellis itself with flowers growing down the sides. Add a little more style to a trellis gate with ornamental adornments like intricate carved designs at the top of the interior of the posts.

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