Nocturnal Animal Games

Updated April 17, 2017

Plenty of animals are nocturnal, preferring to wake and hunt during the night rather than the day. Several nocturnal animals, including the fox, bat, owl and hedgehog, have become popular subjects for a range of video, board, card and classroom games. Some of these games are simply for entertainment, while others portray these animals realistically and have an educational element to the play.

Classroom Games

These games are aimed at kids and require an adult to supervise. In "Animal Sort," the adult first prepares a piece of paper or card divided vertically into day and night columns. The adult then hands pictures of multiple animals to a group of players, who must correctly decide whether each animal is nocturnal or not, and stick the animal's picture into the appropriate column. "Find The Way" requires a large open space. Players are paired into couples, with one blindfolded. The blindfolded child tries to follow her partner, who moves ahead of her, by relying only on sound and other senses, in the same way that some nocturnal animals do.

Board Games

These board games are for multiple players. In "Enchanted Owl," players move owl pieces with detachable heads around a game board, with the task of acquiring the correct colour head for each owl's body. Players roll multiple dice to advance, with each die allowing participants to move either an owl head or body. In "Hedgehog's Revenge" each player tries to get all four of her car pieces to a certain destination on the board. However, players also control a team of hedgehog pieces, which trigger the drawing of a Revenge card when they contact an opponent's car. These Revenge cards require players to answer trivia or entertain the others by singing, for instance.

Card Games

Some games use trading or playing cards that represent nocturnal animals. "Hamster Combat" involves an annual fighting competition featuring these common household pets. Players assume the mantle of a hamster trained in a particular martial art out to defeat rivals and win the contest. Play utilises markers and revolves around drawing cards. Based on the popular Sega video game character, the Sonic the Hedgehog Card Game consists of 108 cards. Participants race against time to accumulate the biggest collection of either Gold Ring or Chaos Emerald cards, but they must be quick, since if six Zone cards are played, the game is over.

Video Games

Video games featuring nocturnal animals have appeared on numerous gaming systems. Based on the 2010 movie, "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" is available on the Nintendo Wii among other systems. Players control the owl Shard and must battle enemies in the sky using Shard's claws and beak. "Spy Fox in Dry Cereal" is a Wii title and a continuation of the comical "Spy Fox" series. The game is a point-and-click adventure, with the player guiding the titular secret agent character as he battles to rescue the world's dairy supply.

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