Craft Ideas for Preschoolers About the Creation of Adam & Eve

Updated November 21, 2016

Teaching preschoolers about the stories of the Bible can be difficult. Many times, the best way for young children to better understand and comprehend these stories is to be creative and do crafts that coordinate with these stories. One of the best-known stories that children this age are taught is the story of the creation of Adam and Eve, told in the book of Genesis. There are several crafts that preschool children can participate in that will help them better understand this story.

Picture Book

This craft allows kids to colour their own picture book depicting the story of Adam and Eve that they can take home and read with their parents. Hand-make a storybook for each child by printing off an Adam and Even picture storybook from your computer. These storybooks can easily be found on several websites, including the DLTK's Make Your Own Books (at You can also draw and write your own storybooks and make multiple copies with a copy machine. Staple together the pages of the book and hand them out to each child, along with crayons and markers, and allow them to colour the books. Sit in a circle and read your copy aloud, having each child follow along with their own book.

Finger Paint Garden of Eden

Finger painting is a great activity for preschoolers, as it does not involve great coordination or the use of sharp scissors or messy glue. Tell the story of how God created the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve by supervising the kids as they make their own gardens with finger paint. Have the kids verbalise to you what they put in their garden, such as flowers, grass and trees. Explain to the kids that just like they made their own perfect gardens on paper, God made the Garden of Eden using his own imagination as well, and that it was the most beautiful place for Adam and Eve to live in.

Play-Doh Figures

Read a Genesis passage from a children's Bible to your preschoolers. Choose a passage that discusses how God created Adam and Eve from the earth. After you have read the passage to the children, give them moulding clay or Play-Doh and let them create their own figures from the dough, just as God created Adam and Eve. Make sure to help the kids as they form their own little figures from the dough. When they are done, allow the clay or Play-Doh to harden so the kids can safely take their figures home.

"God Made" Mobile

After telling the kids about all of the things God made on the earth, before he created Adam and Eve to watch over his creations, have them make "God made" mobiles. Give each student five or six 2-by-2-inch pieces of paper and some crayons and markers. Have the kids draw something that God made during the story on each card. You may need to help them with this if they struggle with drawing. Write the name of the object underneath the drawing for each child. Use a hole punch to punch holes in each card and string a piece of yarn through each hole. Attach the strings with glue, tape or staples to a paper plate or plastic lid from an ice cream container. Write the words "God made" in big letters on the lid. When the project is done, each child will have a mobile to hang in their room to remind them of all of the wonderful things God created when he made Adam and Eve.

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