Worship Activities for Youth Cell Groups

Updated April 17, 2017

Many churches have cell groups, small groups of members who meet regularly. The purpose of a cell group is to build friendships, support one another and foster discipleship. One of the key components of spiritual development in a cell group is worship. For a youth cell group, creative ideas can make worship meaningful.

Reflection on Nature

Creation often inspires reflection on the Creator. Consider as a group how creation points to the character of God, using Scripture passages such as Psalm 104 and Romans 1:20. After a short discussion of these passages, invite the youths to spend a few minutes alone in nature, focusing on one thing. For example, they can study a leaf, a blade of grass or even a bug. Ask the youths to think about how God's character is reflected in this part of creation. Then regroup and discuss the results of each person's reflection.

Artistic Expression

Give each person in the cell group a piece of modelling clay. Ask them to work the clay, forming something that describes their relationship with God, their spiritual life or how they feel about God. After giving them some time to make their creations, ask the youths to place them on a table in a central location. Invite each person to share his creation with the group, explaining what he formed and why.

Meditation and Silent Reflection

Worship involves both praising God and listening for God's voice. To listen, it is essential to be quiet and to focus the mind on God. Silence may be distracting to youths. To focus their thoughts, provide them with a psalm to read or a song on which to meditate. As the song plays or as they read, ask them to be quiet and to open their hearts to what God may want to say to them.


Worship also involves action. Service can be a beautiful offering to God when it is undertaken with the right spirit and attitude. Provide an opportunity for the cell group to do a service project. Perhaps the group can work at a homeless shelter serving food or can give several hours of work to a food bank. This activity helps youths focus on the needs of others. Before the trip, discuss how service can be an act of worship. After the project has been completed, ask the group members to share how the trip affected them and what they gained from the experience.

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