Signs of a Cocky Guy

Updated April 17, 2017

Self-confidence is a favourable characteristic in a guy. However, if a guy admires himself too much, he becomes arrogant and unlikeable. It's important to know how to recognise the signs of a cocky guy so you can avoid being a victim of his self-importance. Fortunately, cockiness is not a discreet trait and is fairly easy to pinpoint.

Arrogant Body Language

Watch how the guy walks across the room and notice if he has an overly confident swagger. If he puffs out his chest, widens his shoulders and walks with a blatantly laid back glide, he is exuding arrogance. Observe how he sits in a chair. If he places his feet wide apart and leans back in the chair he may be trying to convey that he is not bothered by or too cool for the situation. This is a sign of cockiness.

Continual Bragging

The way a guy talks to you is one of the best ways to detect cockiness. If your conversations tend to be one-sided, with him doing most the talking, it is a sign of cockiness. If he continually brags about his life, such as where he has travelled, how quickly he was promoted at work, his connections to celebrities and his educational achievements; then he is probably cocky. Pay attention to how often he seems to genuinely care about your input and asks you questions about your life. If he doesn't engage with you in this way very often, it is likely that he is cocky.

Flashes Material Items

A guy who feels the need to frequently show off his wealth is overconfident and probably cocky. Observe his behaviour and notice if places a lot of emphasise on material items, such as his car, his boat and his clothing. Check to see if he ostentatiously wears extravagant rings, earrings and necklaces. A guy who has one or two of these items is not necessarily arrogant, but if his display of wealth appears over-the-top, then he probably is cocky.

Criticises Others

A guy who frequently criticises others is very likely to be cocky. Pay attention to how often the guy puts others down, makes negative judgments about other people and openly criticises someone for incompetence. For example, take note anytime he gets angry at a waiter or waitress for making a mistake with the order or he criticises someone for their lack of knowledge on a particular topic. If these behaviours are common, he is probably cocky.

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