House Colors That Go With Terracotta Roofs

Terracotta roofing tiles are often used in homes that feature Spanish or Mediterranean style architecture. The warm reddish-brown tones of the terracotta create a natural, inviting look for a house that many homeowners appreciate. However, while you may enjoy your terracotta roof, finding a colour for your home's exterior that matches the tile can be a challenge. Neutral tones are a safe option, but you can go with bolder colours if you prefer to draw your inspiration from traditional Spanish designs.


For a classic, crisp look, pair your terracotta-tiled roof with a bright white shade on your house. The white provides a strong contrast to the reddish-brown colour of the roof to truly showcase the tile detail. Using white also provides a variety of design options because you can use many different shades to serve as accent colours on the house's trim, shutters and architectural details. Blue and green are ideal colours for pairing with a white house and terracotta roof if you wish to add greater visual interest.


Warm, earth tone shades like tan are an ideal complement to a terracotta roof. You can opt for light shades of tan that are nearly beige, or go for a richer look with deeper tones that lean toward brown. The trim, shutters and porch areas may be painted in a deeper shade from the same family for a coordinated appearance. For an eye-catching look, pair blue with a deep tan shade as a bright, bold accent colour.


Yellow may be an attractive option for your home if you have a terracotta roof. Like the reddish-brown shade of the roof, yellow is a warm colour that creates a welcoming vibe. You can opt for a gold shade, or go with a yellow that has some orange in it to pick up the orange tones in the roof's tile. When choosing an accent colour, opt for white on the house's trim and architectural details for a fresh, cheerful look.


A pink shade may be a good fit for your home if it has a terracotta roof. The combination of terracotta and a rosy colour is reminiscent of a traditional Spanish hacienda, so it is an attractive option if you prefer that style. Opt for a warm-toned pink to complement similar tones in the roof. Go with tan and white as accent colours to give the house a balanced look.


If pink is not your style but you like the idea of an unexpected colour for your terracotta-roofed home, choose a coral shade. Coral has orange undertones so it can help bring out the orange tones in the roof. Like pink, however, it is a warm shade that works well to create a Spanish style look for your home. White is an attractive accent colour for a coral house and a terracotta roof, but if you use tan, opt for a richer shade like chocolate brown to balance out the brighter coral tones.

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