Halftime Entertainment Ideas for Football

Updated July 20, 2017

Halftime entertainment ideas for football games should be inspiring and catch the interest of the audience and those watching at home. For many in the stands, halftime means a run to the concession stand and other necessary stops. At home, it basically means the same thing. Also remember that a football crowd is pretty knowledgeable about the game and its history, so anything out of the ordinary could fail.

Passing Competitions

Many people like to see how far they can throw a football. Hold a competition in which preselected contestants -- adults and children -- from those in the stands go on the field and pass the football in the following categories:

  1. Distance, with a receiver at the other end of the pass to catch the ball.

  2. Touch passes, focusing on an ability to pass the football but with touch on shorter routes and the ability to get the ball over the head of the defender. Again, someone needs to be on the receiving end to show the ability to catch the ball.

  3. Route, or timing, patterns. In most cases, the football leaves the quarterback's hand long before a receiver breaks and turns his head to catch the football.

Adults and youth can participate and prizes can be awarded.

Kicking Competition

Have participants kick footballs from different distances, and from both sets of hash marks as well as between the hash marks covering certain distances on the field. Prizes can be awarded for longest field goal, shortest field goal and harshest angle, and the most made per attempts.

Punting a Football

Punting is important not just for distance but for accuracy. Have those fans on the field try a punting competition for height, distance and the angle of a punt to see how close one can get it to the sideline -- and the corner where the field meets the end zone -- without the ball going out of bounds. Award prizes based on who does the best in each portion of the competition.


If you're not bashful and like to hear your voice heard, perhaps these competitions can be announced by a member of the audience who enjoys talking into a microphone calling the action on the field. This wouldn't be the normal game announcer but someone who might be able to add another touch to competition -- maybe some humour.

Flag Football Competition

Half-times vary at different types of football games. In high school and college, they are typically 20 minutes. In the NFL, they're 10 to 15 minutes unless it's the playoffs or Super Bowl. Having a flag football game is a very good possibility, depending on time constraints. Have a game of seven on seven, mixed with men and women, and you can also have youngsters participating. Flags are worn on both sides of the waist, attached to a strap with Velcro so they can easily be pulled off once grabbed by a member of the opposing team. Depending on the length of halftime, this can be played on one half of the field or the entire field.

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