Colors That Go With Old Red Brick for a Porch

Choosing the right colours for the exterior of your home can be tricky given the number of features and areas that you must take into account. When your home features brick, finding colours that suit your exterior can be even more difficult. In particular, matching the trim, posts and floor of a front porch with red brick is often a frustrating process. To find the best fit, study your brick to determine what its colour cast is because some red brick may lean toward yellow, orange, beige or blue, and each type has different complementary shades.


For a crisp, classic look, white paint may be an ideal option for the trim and floor of your porch. Red brick in your home's facade is highlighted when paired with a bright white shade, so white is an effective colour to showcase your home's exterior. White is also a versatile option because it works with a variety of colours, so it will not only match the red brick of your home but also various roof, shutter and home trim colours as well.


To give your porch a bold look, paint the trim, floor and posts in a red shade. Cream matches the tones in the brick and creates a monochromatic effect that can make a strong statement for the front of your home. If bright red is too bold for your tastes, choose a deeper shade like maroon or burgundy for a more subtle look.


Some red brick has yellow undertones that make it an ideal fit with yellow porch trim, railing and flooring. However, avoid yellow shades that are too bright because they can overpower the brick. Instead, opt for a softer, butter yellow colour that has warm undertones for a bright, welcoming look


If your home's red brick has blue undertones, pairing a blue shade with it is an attractive combination for your porch. Cornflower and slate blue are ideal options because they are muted shades that still can add an individualised look to the front of your home. A bolder shade like royal or cobalt blue may be a good option if the exterior of your house is made entirely of brick and there are no other colours to brighten its look.


With red brick that features grey grout, using grey paint for your porch can create a subtle matching effect. A pale dove grey typically matches grey grout best, but shop around to find a paint shade that is most similar in tone. If you do not want to match the colours exactly, opt for a grey paint that has blue undertones to give your porch added dimension.

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