Recorder Songs for Kids to Play

Updated July 20, 2017

Recorders, also known as English flutes, have been a popular musical instrument since the 16th century when even kings and queens enjoyed playing them. Today seven different kinds of recorders are used by professional musicians throughout the world.

A recorder is the perfect instrument to learn for young children who are interested in creating music. Many times children in grade school have the opportunity to learn how to play the recorder but even if they don't, the instrument is affordable enough to introduce one to your child at home.

Hot Cross Buns

This song used to be sung by street vendors in England, but today it's a popular children's song. This is one of the easiest and more fun songs to learn how to play using a recorder. It gets the fingers used to proper movements and it is easy to memorise so your child can show off her new talents to friends and family after just a few hours of practice.

It's Raining

Children love to sing this song. It's got a catchy tune and the words are funny to most kids, especially the part about the old man bumping his head. Another easy one to remember, your child should be able to pick up the proper notes within an afternoon of learning it.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

All American schoolchildren learn this popular song at a young age. It celebrates the fact that early settlers in the United States were farmers and lived in rural areas. The song's tunes are repeated throughout the song so it is suitable for young players.

If You're Happy and You Know It

This is a song that is commonly sung in the classroom, and many children's shows such as "Barney" incorporate a variation of the song into their programming. This is a fun one for siblings to learn together so that the song can be played and sung at the same time.

Hey Diddle Diddle

The storyline to this song is a thought-provoking one, but the music to it is pretty straight forward. Older children will easily catch on, while younger children might need to learn a few easier songs before they're comfortable with this one.

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