Gift tags to make

Make your own gift tags for Christmas, birthdays and special occasion gifts. Not only will it be more personal, but homemade gift tags can make the gift seem just a bit more special. The gift tags do not have to be extravagant or over-the-top; you can simply use paper, stickers and markers to make very simple but special gift tags.

Children's Tags

Children recognise television and movie characters, and would love to see their favourites on a gift tag. Try your hand at drawing Mickey Mouse or Dora, or simply cut their images out from colouring books or old picture books. Paste them on an index card so the tag is stiffer and you have room to write. You can also print them out online.

Clip Art

Create your own gift tags on your computer using Microsoft Word or another word processing program. Open a blank document and make the size small, roughly 2 or 3 inches tall. Import clip art in the style you like. You can choose from Christmas or birthday designs, as well as Hannukah, Easter and special occasions. Type in the recipient's name, or print the clip art out as-is on your printer. You can hand write the name once the tag is printed. Cut out the tag and attach it to the gift.

Photo Gift Tag

Make a list of everyone you are giving gifts to. Look through your photos and choose one of each person. Cut the picture down to a smaller size, keeping the face of the gift recipient; the photo piece should not measure much larger than 2 inches square. Cut out a piece of card stock slightly larger than the photo and glue the photo on top. Punch a hole in the top of the card stock and thread a ribbon through it. Attach the ribbon to the package. You can write who the gift is from on the back of the card stock, or allow the recipient to guess who it came from.

Recycled Cards

The Good Housekeeping website recommends saving the Christmas cards you receive each year to be used again the following year for gift tags. Cut off the front of the card; the picture on the front is what you want to keep.Trace a holiday shape on the card, attempting to keep portions of the picture in the shape. Good shapes to use are ball ornaments, Christmas trees, gingerbread men or snowflakes. Punch a hole in the top of the shape and thread a ribbon through it. Write on the back and attach it to the gift.


The Martha Stewart website includes a cute gift tag idea. It says to cut out two mitten shapes from card stock or construction paper. Glue a bit of ribbon around the wrist of the mittens to add a bit more colour and interest. On one mitten, write the recipient's name; on the other, write who the gift is from. Attach the mittens to the gift using the same ribbon used earlier.

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