Can I charge my iPod without an iPod charger?

Updated February 21, 2017

The Apple iPod needs to be charged if you intend on ever using it. However, before you race out to purchase an iPod charger, you should realise that you do not need one to charge your iPod. If you own a desktop or laptop, you can charge your iPod right now.

The Computer Route

You can charge your iPod with either your desktop or laptop if you have a USB cable. Simply attach the USB cable to the iPod; then attach the other end of the USB cable to a vacant USB port. Do not attach the USB cable to the keyboard. Open the iTunes program on your computer. Under the Devices heading, select your iPod. Click "Sync" and your iPod will begin to charge. This method will work for the majority of iPod models including the Mini, the Touch, the Nano, and the Classic.

Avoid Sleep

While you are charging your iPod on your computer, make sure the computer never drifts into sleep mode, hibernation mode or standby mode. If this happens the iPod will stop charging. If you are using a laptop computer to charge your iPod, make sure the lid is always up. If the lid closes the computer will venture into sleep, hibernation, or standby mode and the iPod will stop charging properly. Laptops---even if they are charged---need to be plugged into a power source to charge an iPod.

Charging Time

Once your iPod is connected to your computer and begins charging, it will take roughly three hours for it to retain 80 per cent of its power, according to Apple Support. It will take approximately four hours for your iPod to fully charge. However, keep in mind that these are general time frames, and these time frames can vary based upon iPod model. Some versions of the iPod---like the Classic---can take up to 10 minutes to be recognised by your computer. However, this occurs only if the battery is fully discharged at the time you opt to charge it.

The Adapter

If you do not want to charge your iPod with your computer, you can charge it with the Apple iPod Power Adapter. Simply attach your iPod to the power adaptor with either a USB cable or a FireWire cable. Then plug the adaptor into a wall socket and let it charge. The Apple iPod Power Adapter can be purchased from the Apple Online Store for £18 as of May 2011. However, some versions of the iPod---including the iPod Touch second generation and later and the iPod Nano fourth generation and later---cannot be charged with a FireWire cable. For these models, use a USB cable with your adaptor or computer.

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