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Updated February 21, 2017

Many people hear about cleaning products containing "oxygen bleach" but don't have a clear idea about what it is or how it works. Oxygen bleach offers a good alternative to traditional chlorine bleach, with many advantages. If you, like many people, rely on traditional chlorine bleach for laundry and household cleaning, information about oxygen bleach will help you understand how this new type of product can make your cleaning tasks easier.

What Is Oxygen Bleach?

Oxygen bleach products contain either sodium percarbonate, hydrogen peroxide or sodium perborate. These are mixed with soda ash to provide cleaning action. When mixed with water, the compounds release oxygen, which breaks the bonds that hold the stain to the fabric or surface being cleaned.

Advantage of Oxygen Bleach Products

Oxygen bleach does not produce the toxic, harmful fumes that chlorine bleach produces. It can be used safely on many different kinds of fabrics and other materials around the home. Oxygen bleach is safe to use on coloured fabrics. Oxygen bleach does not form toxic byproducts that can harm the environment and will not degrade the fibres of clothing as harsh chlorine bleach does. Oxygen bleach also works as a disinfectant against bacteria and viruses, according to LaundryAlternative. Oxygen bleach can also be mixed with other cleaners without the danger of creating harmful fumes, unlike chlorine bleach.

Disadvantages of Oxygen Bleach Products

Oxygen bleach products are generally more expensive than traditional chlorine bleach. It may also take longer to break up stains than chlorine bleach. Oxygen bleach is not safe to use on some types of wool or silk.

Uses for Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach will remove organic-based stains such as tea, coffee, fruit juice, sauce, wine and blood from clothing, upholstery, carpets and other textiles. It not only cleans and removes stains but brightens fabrics. It can also be used to kill mildew and is often used in products to clean toilets, bathroom tile and other bathroom surfaces such as shower curtains. Flush oxygen bleach down toilets to clean and deodorise septic tank systems. Use oxygen bleach in the kitchen to clean countertops, garbage pails and dishcloths and for deodorising drains. It is also cleans and brightens tile grout. Oxygen bleach can be used for other household tasks, as well, such as for cleaning concrete, siding, decks and other wood surfaces, according to AskTheBuilder. It can be used to clean and deodorise camping equipment such as tents, ropes, coolers, tarps, boat sails and other items. Oxygen bleach will also clean and deodorise lawn furniture and outdoor carpeting.

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