The Best Types of Home Windows for Soundproofing

Updated February 21, 2017

The thought of soundproofing windows is not something that runs through everybody's mind. Soundproofing your windows will help to reduce noise and vibration from things outside that may disturb you. Those who live near fire stations, busy intersections, main streets and barking dogs will benefit from having soundproof windows installed. They look similar to your original windows and still provide a clear unobstructed view for you to enjoy.

Citi Quiet Windows

Citi Quiet sound absorbing windows work to benefit those who live near an area that is frequently disturbed by trains, barking dogs or anything loud and irritating. This brand of sound absorbing windows is listed as one of the best in an article written for the Sound Absorbing Products website. They are designed to attach directly to your original windows and offer a clear view so you won't even notice them. Citi Quiet windows will work to block out 95% of unwanted noise and cut down the draft from wind breezing through cracks in your existing windows.

Milgard Quiet Line

Milgard soundproof windows come with many options to cut down on outside noise and block out harmful UV rays. According to the Door and Window website, "Milgard soundproof windows are available with energy-saving features such as their SunCoat Low-E insulated glass coatings." There is also the option to choose from a reflective material or darker privacy tint, depending on your wants and expectations. The Quiet line of Milgard windows is designed using vinyl windows that can be installed to replace the complete frame of existing windows. You can also get Quiet line glass for rooms with large sliding glass doors.

Penguin Triple Pane

Penguin triple pain windows are designed to be energy efficient and lower the amount sun in your home while blocking noise coming from outside. These windows are to be installed and completely replace the existing windows in your house. According to the Best Home Tool website, "As number one window replacement company in the Pacific Northwest, Penguin Windows only use certified engineers and installers so you can get guaranteed installation and high quality construction." Penguin uses a meticulous quality control process and stands behind this product by offering a lifetime guarantee.

Anderson Windows

Homeowners who want to enjoy the view from their windows without hearing the outside sounds will appreciate Anderson Windows. This brand of windows gives its customers three different levels of protection that are energy efficient and designed to reduce sound and light entering your home. According to the Cal Finder website, "Andersen Windows & Doors has over a hundred-year track record of producing quality products." Anderson windows is one company that stands behind its product and offers a 20-year warranty on the glass and a 10-year warranty on its wood window frames.

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