Signs in a Conversation That She Likes You

Updated March 18, 2017

When you are engaged in an interesting and enjoyable conversation with a woman you are attracted to, it can be maddening trying to decipher her intentions. You might find yourself wondering over and over whether she is into you or if she is simply being polite. To avoid this confusion, be aware of key signs in conversation that point toward attraction.


One of the classic indications that a woman is seriously attracted to a man is laughing at his jokes. If you find that the woman in question sincerely giggles whenever you make a joke or tell a story (no matter how unfunny it might be), she definitely is sending you a signal of attraction. Look for authentic laughing in which her whole body lights up, especially her eyes.

Personal Life

When a woman likes a man, she naturally has a strong interest in his personal life, especially when it comes to romance. If you are speaking to a woman and she inquires about whether you are dating or married to someone, she is being forward in her interest in you. Apart from your romantic life, a woman might also ask about your history, hobbies and career if she is attracted to you. In many cases, you could feel like she is giving you the third degree.


Observe how attentive a woman is when conversing with you. If you possess her full and undivided attention (and she simply cannot take her eyes off of you), she likes you. Look at her eyes when she is talking to you, and take note of whether she is easily distracted. If she is behaving like you are the only person on Earth, some major attraction is likely there.


If a woman praises you frequently and is particularly complimentary, she is trying to indicate to you that she has positive feelings toward you. Whether it's regarding your vast knowledge of ancient Egyptian civilisation or the stock market, complimenting you shows that she is intrigued and impressed by you (and also wants you to know it).

Body Language

Body language says everything when it comes to physical attraction, especially eye contact. If you are speaking to a woman who makes direct, pointed and extended eye contact with you, she likes you. Other body language indications include grooming herself (such as smoothing down her hair or clothes), licking her lips, playing with strands of her hair and mirroring your gestures and movements.


Repetition in language also points to attraction. If you use a word a lot and notice that, out of the blue, the woman starts using the word frequently too, she is subconsciously trying to align herself and synchronise with you.

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