What causes my computer sound to stutter?

Updated February 21, 2017

A stuttering sound is an annoying problem with computer audio. It can crop up during the playing of a game making you miss important story details. This can also affect your enjoyment while listening to music. This annoyance can be caused by any one of a number of things making it slightly difficult, but not impossible to correct.

Faulty Drivers

The first thing to check is the audio drivers for the sound card. A driver is a small piece of software that tells your computer how to interface with a specific piece of hardware. Manufacturers update drivers periodically to enhance or modify this interface. Open your computer's "Control Panel" and open the "Device Manager." Within the "Device Manager," open the audio or sound device section to see who manufactured your sound card. Visit this manufacturer's website to check for the newest version of your device's driver for your operating system.

Program Installation

The problem may not be with your computer's handling of the sound card but may be due to the program you are using to create the sounds. If something went wrong with the initial installation of the program, corruption may have occurred to certain sound files without your knowledge. Save any work you have in the program, and then uninstall it. Reinstall it to replace all the program files with fresh copies. This may fix your stuttering problem. Check the website of the program's publisher to see if they have a program update called a "patch" for download and install.

Faulty Hardware

If upgrading the drivers and reinstalling the program does not fix the stuttering, the sound card may be faulty. The best option here is to obtain a replacement card and install it in place of your current card. Purchase a sound card at any store that sells computer components. If a full, rich audio experience is not a priority, and it shouldn't be unless you are using high-end speakers on your computer, buying the cheapest sound card available will be sufficient. After buying the card, turn off your computer and open its case. Unscrew and slide out your old sound card and pop in the new one. Secure it in place with the screws and close your case. Place the computer disk into the appropriate drive to complete the installation of the drivers and other software to manage the sound card.

Speaker Problems

Stuttering sounds could also be due to a problem with your computer's speakers. The first thing to check is the connection of the speaker plug to your computer. Check to ensure it is not loose, as this can cause erratic sound. If it is a steady connection, the problem may be with the speakers themselves. A simple way to test this is to plug in different speakers. If the stuttering continues with another set of speakers, it may be a conflict elsewhere in the system.

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