Natural cures for fallen arches

Updated July 20, 2017

Also known as flat feet, fallen arches are a condition that can cause great pain and other physical problems. Fallen arches occur when the tendons that support the arches of the feet do not react at the same time, as stated by WedMD. In extreme cases, surgery is required to fix fallen arches. However, there are some easy at-home solutions that could help with fallen arches.

Natural At-Home Diagnosis

WebMD states that fallen arches are a problem that exists at birth or that is created by damage done to the foot or tendons or other medical issues. Before searching for cures, determine whether or not fallen arches are the issue. WebMD suggests wetting the bottom of the foot and stepping on a flat surface that the footprint can show up on. If an entire footprint is seen, flat feet are present.

Exercises for Fallen Arches

Exercises can retrain the feet to properly use the tendons and muscles to support arches. According to Jolie Bookspan, M.Ed, PhD, FAWM in the article "Fast Fitness-Fix Flat Feet, Pronation and Fallen Arches," a person can retrain her feet by examining her stance and making a conscious effort to not allow the feet to roll inward or outward too far. Bookspan suggests that training the feet is similar to training the body to sit up straight and can be just as beneficial.

Shoe Support for Fallen Arches

Extensive standing, walking or running in shoes without proper support can cause flat feet. One natural cure for flat feet is by wearing shoes with proper arch support. FootSmart suggests wearing shoes that support the entire arch and stabilise the heel. They also suggest that in certain cases of fallen arches, custom insoles could be helpful.

Dangers of Leaving Fallen Arches Untreated

Foot pain is the number one indicator of fallen arches. However, FootSmart suggests that leaving fallen arches untreated could cause other conditions. Untreated fallen arches could create body misalignment that causes knee and lower back pain. FootSmart states that other possible results of leaving fallen arches untreated include ankle sprains, heel spurs and arthritis.

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