Family Ideas for "The SIMS 3"

Written by katelyn kelley
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The overall goal in "The Sims 3" and its expansion packs is to create a household with one or more Sims, and then watch as they go through life. Under normal game options, which you can adjust, Sims grow older, get jobs, have relationships and create the next generation. Although Sims have free will, many of their actions require your guidance. You control who your Sim is and who he shares his life with, leading to endless family combinations.

A Multi-Generational Family

In "The Sims 3" you can have up to eight family members in one household. This allows for a multi-generational family structure. Start with a young couple who have children. Then as they age and the children grow and marry, keep them in the same household. Pretty soon you'll have three or more generations under one roof. Grandparents make great babysitters if you want both parents to work outside the home.

A Ghost Family

Ghosts in "The Sims 3" require no special expansion pack. When a Sim dies, he has the chance to return as a ghost. The Science Facility will offer a member of the dead Sim's family a chance to resurrect the Sim if she brings the urn to the facility. The process adds a playable ghost to the household. From then on, additional urns of dead family members can be resurrected for a fee. Ghosts of Sims who were capable of reproducing when they died can reproduce as ghosts, either with another ghost or with a live Sim. Two ghosts will have a ghost baby. A ghost and a live Sim have a 50 per cent chance of a ghost baby.

A Vampire Family

When you add the "The Sims 3: Late Night" expansion pack to your base game, vampires arrive on the scene. They randomly appear in town like other Sim citizens so it's possible to develop a relationship with one. With a high friendship, a vampire will turn a human Sim into a vampire Sim. Then they could marry and have vampire children. The fun challenge of playing a vampire family is keeping them out of sunlight and quenching their thirst. They only receive nourishment from plasma, either bottled or fresh from a human host. When it's dark, vampires gain energy, so they learn much faster from skill-building activities than human Sims do.

A Mummy Family

Install "The Sims 3: World Adventures" expansion pack to your base game and the mummy curse becomes available. Mummies can't reproduce, but you can take a normal Sim family and convert everyone from teenagers to elders into mummies using a cheat code and a special sarcophagus. When you press "Ctrl," "Shift" and "C" together, the cheat code prompt opens. Type "buy Debug on" and press "Enter" to activate the cheat. Go into "Buy Mode" on your game console and place the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings found in the "?" category on your home lot. Sims who spend two to three nights sleeping in the sarcophagus will become mummies. Mummies never need a bathroom break and have endless energy, so they can accomplish more tasks in a day than human Sims.

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