Passap Knitting Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

The Passap knitting machine was invented in Switzerland in 1939 to automate the knitting process. It is available in both electronic and punch-card models. With your Passap, you can complete a variety of knitting projects simply by programming the machine (or inserting a punch card) and attaching yarn to its double-bed mechanism. Because it can handle beginner, intermediate and complex patterns, the machine provides many possibilities for knitting enthusiasts.


If you're using an E6000 model Passap or other double-bed knitting machine, you can knit circular designs. This feature makes socks a project you can complete easily and quickly. First, measure the feet of whomever will wear the socks to ensure a good fit. Use a machine-washable yarn that has elastic properties and gives a nice ribbed effect once knitted. Acrylic wool will be perfect for this knitting project. Then choose a pattern you like, and load the appropriate settings on punch cards or program them in.


If you're a skilled seamstress as well as a knitting machine enthusiast, you can combine the capabilities of your Passap machine with your own sewing skills to create a lovely, feminine shawl. To make the piece, form the central, main panel with a special tuck stitch you set up on your machine. To complete the edging, use Enchanted Edgings for a romantic effect. You'll need to put time and effort into this project, but the result will be stunning. Choose a yarn in pale cream so your work is versatile enough to wear with any dress or outfit. Plan on casting on about 2,000 rows of edging and hand-sewing it to your tuck-stitched panel.

American Flag Sweater

This lightweight piece can be made on your Passap machine by using the double bed then taking all the stitches off the front of the machine before you bind off the piece. Pulling on the knitting in a vertical direction will release the stitches from the front bed, allowing you to work with the remaining back-bed stitches. For this design, you'll need a pattern that features stars and stripes. Luckily, free Internet patterns for the Passap are readily available with a quick Google search.

Baby Set

If you own a Passap Duo 80 or similar model, you can create a soft and cuddly baby set on your knitting machine. Composed of a sweater, hat and baby bootees, a classic baby set makes an ideal present for a baby shower. You'll need a Passap pattern (look for No. 5929) to get the right dimensions and instructions for the piece. You may want to increase the size of the knitted bonnet; the pattern instructions tend to run on the small side for the hat. Any lightweight, pastel-toned yarn will work well.

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