The Best Caulking Guns

Updated February 21, 2017

A good caulking gun can mean the difference between a job finished well and an unsatisfied feeling at the end of the day. Don't ruin your work by purchasing a gun ill-suited to your need or by trying to cut corners on cost. If you've put £650 into a new window or complete bathroom renovation, seal your work with a quality caulking gun that's sure to add to, rather than detract from, the good work you've already done.

Skeleton Style

Skeleton style caulking guns offer quick release features and are easy to use. Tubes of caulk are easy to load and remove from either side of the gun shaft. Strong handles and levers characterise this type of caulking gun which allow for greater control over the flow of the caulk and width of line emitted. These guns in various brands, often cost, as of 2011, only £1.90 to £3 more than ratchet style guns and may be worth the investment if you plan to caulk more than once.

Ratchet Style

Ratchet style caulking guns are generally the cheapest and most common type found on the market. If you plan to caulk only once in a great while, this may be the best gun for you, even though your one time of using it may require more time and skill than is demanded from other styles of guns. The best caulking guns in this style are automatic release as opposed to standard release guns as they do not require two hands to stop the flow of caulk and are therefore more convenient and easy to use.

Dripless Style

Dripless style caulking guns cost more than non-dripless guns but the added benefit may be worth it, if it fits your budget. Dripless guns automatically cut off the flow of caulk when you stop spreading it. They are ideal for daily use whether you are a contractor or an individual who just does a lot of renovation work on your own home. With these types of caulking guns simple squeeze the trigger on the handle to make caulk flow and release your grip when all the nooks and crannies are filled.

Worthwhile Features

Two other features make caulk guns of various brands the best -- spout cutters and tube piercing lances. A spout cutter is a blade on the end of the gun near the handle that allows the caulk tube to be cut as it is placed into the gun. A tube piercing lance is a similar feature that punctures the tube when it is placed into the gun. Both eliminate the need to cut the tube spout before placing it into the gun, which can cause spillage and mess.

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