Bugs That Bite Especially in Bed

Updated April 17, 2017

With the return of the warm weather, many people may wake up in the morning with bug bites or rashes. There are several types of insects that can bite a person at night while they are in bed. The best thing to do is clean the bite and try to identify if the insect that has bitten you is parasitic or not. Parasites live on another organism and can crawl under your skin, while most insects will just bite in defence. Once you have identified which type of bug is biting you, you can plan on how to exterminate it.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasites, which have seen a rise in numbers rapidly within cities. These bugs are brown, flat, oval and only 1/4 inch (6.4mm) long, according to "Living With Bugs." When they are fed they expand. Bed bugs bite to get blood, and often the bites look like mosquito bites. They hide in mattresses and the corners of beds during the day and feed on humans at night. A key indicator that you have bed bugs is that they leave black dots of fecal matter on the mattress. To get rid of bed bugs, wash your sheets. Also vacuum your furniture and shampoo the outside of your mattress, according to "Living With Bugs."


Ticks are also a type of parasite that can bite at night. They are very small spiders with eight legs. Ticks switch hosts often, jumping from person to animal, and spread diseases such as Lyme disease, according to "Bay Valley Pests." Tick bites can look small like a mosquito, a rash, a welt, or may look like bull's eye. When a tick bites, they may crawl under your skin. If this occurs, remove it carefully using tweezers, according to "Living With Bugs."


There are two types of mites that bite at night: chigger mites and scabies mites. Chigger mites are six-legged larva that feed on skin. They cause an extremely itchy rash or welts. They will fall off after a few days. Scabies mites spread through skin to skin contact. They burrow into the skin and cause an extremely itchy rash with soars that will get worse at night when they feed. Scabies must be treated with a prescription, according to MSNBC. Wash all your clothes and bedding in hot water if you think you have either of these mites in your home.


Fleas are a parasite that feed on blood. Usually they come into the home through pets. Fleas will bite two or three times before jumping to another person, according to "Bay Valley Pest." Flea bites can itch and swell if a person is allergic to them. To eliminate them from your home give pets oral flea medication and have your home exterminated and carpets cleaned, according to "Living With Bugs."

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