Rogue Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Rogue, one of the superhero mutants from the X-Men comics, films and cartoons, has the power to absorb the memories and abilities of other mutants. The character offers as number of compelling and inexpensive looks to replicate for Halloween, a costume party or even conventions. You can dress up as Rogue the civilian or as Rogue in one of her X-Men outfits, and complete the costumes with some important accessories.

Civilian Rogue Costume

To dress up as the civilian Rogue from the films, start with a plain black T-shirt. The best black T-shirts are ones with short sleeves and a v-neck. Then add a pair of blue jeans or a pair of cargo trousers to the outfit and an optional belt. Wrap a black scarf around your neck, and complete your civilian Rogue costume with a green hooded sweatshirt or sweater with a zipper in the front.

X-Men Rogue Costumes

The X-Men Rogue costumes may be a little more costly, but they are well worth it. One of the outfits worn by Rogue in the X-Men films is a black leather jumpsuit with long sleeves and a high neck. However, if you are more of a purist and would like to stick closer to the comic book or cartoon depiction of Rogue, purchase a yellow and green leotard. This costume can be found online from a number of costume retailers.


Rogue's hairstyle is one of her most distinguishing characteristics. In the films, the comics and the cartoons, Rogue has dark hair with two white streaks at the front, one on each side of the part in her hair. To achieve this look, start with straightened hair parted on one side. Use temporary hair colour to colour your hair black. Alternately, get a black wig and spray on white hair colour to create two streaks in the front.


With any of the costumes, a pair of black boots makes an appropriate choice for your footwear. Another important detail for any Rogue costume is gloves. Because of her mutant ability to leech powers off of others by touching them, Rogue typically covers as much of her skin as possible. Even when wearing a short sleeve shirt, she wears formal gloves that run the length of her arms. With the X-Men Rogue costume ideas, wear a simple pair of black leather gloves.

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