Daniel & the Lions Den Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

Bible stories can be enhanced with the use of hands-on projects. One beloved story, that of Daniel in the lions' den, can be easily adapted to crafts. These crafts help children retell the story. Making one or more of these crafts can give the children a new perspective on a familiar story, about when Daniel was thrown into a lions' den for praying to God.

Clothespin Lion

Cut a 3-inch yellow lion's mane from card stock. Cut a face that fits in the centre of the mane from a tan sheet of card stock. Cut strips 1/4 inch by 5 inches from brown construction paper. Cut a red triangular nose from construction paper. Arrange and glue the face in the centre of the mane. Add wiggly eyes, the red nose and a mouth drawn with thin permanent marker to the face by gluing them. Quill the strips of paper by wrapping them tightly around a bamboo skewer. Lay them sideways and glue them around the mane. Glue the head/mane to two spring clothespins, balancing it to stand up on its own.

Clay Diorama

Use white air-dry clay to build a Daniel and the lions' den scene. Build a fiery furnace, lions and two people. Let them dry thoroughly. The den should be big enough to house all the figures. Paint the den shades of brown on the outside and red on the inside. Paint the lions yellow and brown. Add appropriate colour to the people. On the inside of a shoebox, paint scenery to resemble an ancient city. Set the den in the shoebox and place the pieces inside. For extra effect, make another person, dressed like a king.


Use paper plates, construction paper and glue with a little yarn to make masks for a play about Daniel in the lions' den. Cut the paper plate in half. Then cut out holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Paint the masks. The lion should be tan, yellow or brown. Daniel should be a flesh tone. Add a yarn mane to the lion by punching holes around the top and sides of the plate with a hole puncher. Tie yellow yarn through the holes. Add short, dark hair and rosy cheeks for Daniel. Punch holes on the sides of each mask, and use yarn to tie the masks onto the children's heads.

Tear-Art Picture

Give each child a piece of construction paper for a background. Let each choose the colours. They will tear this paper into the shapes of Daniel, the lions and the den. Using glue, the pictures will be added to the background paper to create a tear art picture depicting the story of Daniel in the lions' den. To make the lions pop, add a little gold glitter to their manes.

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