Paper Lobster Crafts

Updated February 21, 2017

Get rid of those rainy day blues with paper lobster crafts. Paper lobster crafts are fun projects that kids of all ages enjoy. Keep the materials on-hand for an instant answer to those times when your kids can't get outdoors or when they're simply bored and need something to stimulate their creativity.

Paper Plate Lobster

Colour a paper plate red on both the front and back. Draw a lobster on it or print a lobster shape off the computer to use as a template. Cut the lobster shape from the paper plate. Punch a hole into the bottom of the claws and the point on the body where they attach and connect them with metal fasteners. Draw eyes or glue googly eyes from the craft store onto the lobster. Add pipe cleaner antenna to complete your lobster.

Lobster Pinchers

Cut out lobster pincher from red construction paper or card stock, using two pieces for the top part of the claw and the lower pincher. Hole punch them and attach the lower pincher to the top claw with a metal fastener. Use this as an invitation to lobster-themed events. Write the information on the claw with a white gel pen and hand them out to your guests.

Egg Carton Lobster

Cut an egg carton in half lengthwise. Remove the last two egg cups. Separate those two cups and cut each one in half. Paint all the egg carton pieces red and let dry. Hole punch holes on the long section of the egg carton, one hole on the side of each cup. Thread red pipe cleaners through the holes for lobster legs. Hole punch the small pieces of egg carton and attach two to the back for the lobster tail and two to the front of the first pipe cleaners for the claws. Add eyes to complete.

Hand and Foot Lobster

Paint the bottom of one of your child's feet red and have her step on a piece of paper. Step so the foot is in the middle of the paper, with her toes nearly at the top edge. Paint both of her hands red and have her place her hands on the paper, in the left and right corners, above her heel. Draw a red line with a marker to connect her hand print claws to her foot lobster body. Draw eyes in the middle of her heel, draw red lines extending from her heel, stopping before they reach her hands for antenna and feet extending from her lobster body for lobster feet.

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