Things to Make out of Plastic Canvas for Christmas

Updated February 21, 2017

Plastic canvas is a versatile medium for making Christmas crafts. Because it is fairly rigid, it can be used to make projects that need to stand on their own or be used to make ornaments to be hung from the tree. Some plastic canvas projects can be completed quickly, which makes them ideal candidates for hostess gifts or holiday bazaar items.

Tree Ornaments

Tree ornaments made of plastic canvas add a homemade touch to your tree. Keep the size of your tree in mind when deciding to make these ornaments. An ornament that is too large will overpower a tree and look out of place, where several smaller ones can create a homey touch. Plastic canvas can be cut into many designs, so items such as stars, snowflakes and reindeer can be stitched and added to the tree in relatively little time. Use metallic yarns to add another dimension to your ornaments and catch the lights of the tree. Ornaments can also be used to decorate wreaths.

Tissue Box Covers

Tissue box covers are a quick way to add holiday cheer to any room. Make these covers according to the size tissue box you want to cover, whether it is a smaller square one or a large rectangle. Because the covers slip over the tissue box, you don't have to wait for the box to be emptied when you are putting the decorations away for the year. If you have special colours you are decorating with, for instance gold and red, you can stitch the cover in those colours, to keep the consistency of design throughout the house.


Create special holiday drink coasters for those warm mugs of hot chocolate with plastic canvas and yarn. A stitched plastic canvas box can hold stitched coasters, creating a design element as well as being useful. The pattern can be whimsical, such as Santa being stuck in a chimney. Regardless of the pattern you choose, the colours are up to you. If you do not like the ones used as an example in the pattern, use ones you like better. You may find these coasters so useful you will want to make different designs to use throughout the year.

Candy Dishes

Serve family and friends candy from unique bowls made of plastic canvas. Plastic canvas pieces can be stitched together to form bowls, complete with handles, if desired. For instance, a reindeer face and head can be the bowl, while his ears and antlers form a handle. You can even add a couple of small ornaments to his antlers, making it a double duty gift. Personalise the project even more with the date or the name of the recipient stitched into the back.

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