Gift suggestions for a 70-year-old man

Updated July 20, 2017

Purchasing a gift for a 70-year-old man can be difficult, especially if he means a lot to you. Some sentimental gifts are thoughtful because they show that you treasure your time together. Some gifts are creative and they demonstrate that you are willing to put forth extra effort. Buy or make a gift that shows your love and affection.

Entertainment Gifts

Entertainment can help keep the 70-year-old man company and make him happy. For instance, purchase some classic films that the man enjoyed as a child. Get the movies in Blu-ray so he can appreciate a good-quality picture. Men who enjoy musicals will appreciate tickets to a theatre show. Or get sports tickets for the guy's favourite team. Alternatively, buy some new release CDs of his favourite band.

Homemade Gifts

Get crafty with some items you have around the house to give a heartfelt gift. For instance whip up some tasty treats. Seventy-year-old men with a sweet tooth can appreciate some homemade fudge and chocolate-covered pretzels. Or make some homemade bread and muffins. Just double check that the guy has no food allergies. Alternatively, create homemade original art that is meaningful to your friend. Paint a scene of the guy's favourite place to read and relax.

Sentimental Gifts

Some sentimental gifts show your appreciation and love. For instance, make a scrapbook with photos of you with the 70-year-old man. Decorate the pages with images out of a magazine, such as pictures of antique cars and idyllic locations. Or create a hard-bound photo book using cardboard and bind the book with rope. Your friend might enjoy a framed photo of the two of you together. Alternatively, make a collage of photos and frame it in an engraved silver photo frame.

Lifestyle Gifts

Some people around 70 years old appreciate gifts that can improve their lifestyle. For instance, buy the man some lottery tickets and give him a note to express your wishes that he wins. Or get something to support the man's hobbies. A 70-year-old man who enjoys working in his garden can appreciate gardening tools, such as some quality gloves and shovels. Alternatively, help him drive in style by paying to have his car detailed.

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