Snoopy Paper Crafts

Snoopy and the "Peanuts" cartoon characters have been entertaining children for decades, and many children enjoy related novelty items, including "Peanuts" games, toys and colouring books. If your kids likes "Peanuts" characters and you'd like to encourage her creativity, simple Snoopy paper crafts can make enjoyable art projects for youngsters. You can make your own Snoopy crafts by printing out photos online.


The DLTK Growing Together website offers printable templates and easy instructions to make a Snoopy infant mobile (see Resources). The templates come in four styles -- baseball, flying Ace, boy scout or dancing Snoopy -- in your choice of colour or black and white. You can print out one of each, or mix and match them to customise your mobile. Simply print and cut out the templates, colour with paints, markers or crayons -- if applicable -- and poke a small hole at the top of each Snoopy. Tie one end of a string to each template and slide the other end through a straw, leaving the templates dangling about 3 to 6 inches. Tie all four loose ends together in a knot where the ends of the straws meet.

3-D Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Another simple Snoopy paper craft is a 3-D "Flying Aces" figure made from a toilet paper roll. The DLTK craft website offers a free printable template for this craft too (see Resources). The seven-piece template comes in colour or black and white and includes Snoopy's head, arms, feet, tail and torso area. Just print and trim the template pieces and paste the torso piece around the tube. Attach the head and arms to the top and sides. Paste the tabs of Snoopy's feet templates inside of the tube and fold the paws upwards outside of the tube to make it look like he is standing.

Milk Carton Dog House

Kids of most ages can make a replica of Snoopy's red doghouse with a cardboard milk carton, computer, printer and a few basic art supplies. Thoroughly wash and dry an empty cardboard milk carton and paint all but the diagonal, top sections red with acrylic or tempera paint. Paint the remaining sections black. When it dries, Use a paintbrush, crayon or black marker to draw straight horizontal lines about an inch apart around the carton from top to bottom, and paint an upside down 'U' shape -- in black -- on one side to represent the entrance. Draw or print out pictures of Snoopy and Woodstock -- you can usually search for them online -- cut them out and paste them onto the doghouse.

Print, Cut And Paste

Children can recreate their favourite Snoopy scenes on a sheet of regular construction paper with a few pieces of sponge or cork, a printer and some water colour paints. Search photo image sites for the scene you would like to make and print it out twice. Cut out Snoopy, his Peanuts pals, and whatever background objects you want to "pop-out" from your scene -- like a doghouse or "the Great Pumpkin." Draw or paint your own version of the rest of the background scene. Paste one of each cutout onto the construction paper, a small piece of cork or sponge on top of it, and the matching cut-out to the cork or sponge to give Snoopy and his friends a 3-D effect.

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