Unique Sympathy and Memorial Gifts

Updated November 21, 2016

When someone you love loses a loved one, it can be a trying time, and a sympathy or memorial gift can go a long way in helping her heal. Consider finding a sympathy gift that is truly unique and goes beyond the traditional gifts of memorial stones, photo frames and memorial statues.

Cremation Jewelry

For someone who has recently cremated a loved one, gift her with a beautiful piece of cremation jewellery. This jewellery --- most often a necklace --- comes with a small charm that can discreetly be filled with remains. Most people on the street would not know what type of jewellery this is, which allows the person mourning to feel grief and comfort without having to answer questions. The beautiful charms come in a variety of shapes including hearts, crosses and cylinders.

Seed Papers

A person in mourning also may find comfort in the thought of new life. Send a package of seed papers along with a sympathy card. These papers --- which come in shapes such as stars and angels --- are small pieces of paper that can be planted in the ground. From that spot will grow flowers, a different flower depending on the shape purchased. This small garden would become a memorial of sorts and will mean a lot to the person who is grieving.

Name a Star

To forever memorialise a person, give a loved one in mourning the gift of a star named after the person he lost. The Star Foundation offers a memorial star package that includes the name of the star on a wooden plaque, a sympathy letter from the Star Foundation, a map of the constellations, a map showcasing his star and its mythological explanation and also a helpful guide to how to find that star in the sky. This is a gift he will treasure for the rest of time, and he will find comfort knowing his loved one is looking down on him.

Tear Bottles

A tear bottle is a historical sympathy gift that may bring comfort to a friend going through a hard time. Tear bottles are meant to collect the tears of grief during a period of mourning. As time goes on, the tears will evaporate from the bottle. Once the tears are gone, the mourning period is considered over, however, the tear bottle remains as a gift of remembrance, to memorialise the person who has gone. This is a unique memorial gift that will be appreciated by a person who is grieving.

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