Wholesale Baby Gifts

Updated November 21, 2016

If you are considering acquiring retail baby items to sell at your store, then you might be wondering what is available in the way of baby gifts you're your local wholesale distributor. You will want to find items that will enable you to make a good profit while not causing a whole lot of worry and hassle. Whether you are looking to add products to a gift shop, a florist, or a hospital gift shop, these wholesale items will bring you in customers every time.

Gift Baskets

Baby gift baskets are readily available via wholesale distributors such as Kara Nessian. These gift baskets include stuffed animals, shampoo, towels and even seeds that you can plant later to celebrate baby's arrival. Gift baskets are easy to display, retail, store and sell as it makes shopping easy for the gift giver. You can assemble your own gift baskets using wholesale supplies -- including baskets -- but consider the cost of assemblage and the amount of storage you will need. Also consider the volume of sales you will make -- it may be much easier to order pre-made baskets wholesale rather than invest in the space and time it will take to assemble your own.

Diaper Cakes

A popular item at baby showers, diaper cakes consist of a stack of diapers that are shaped like a multi-tiered cake and are held together with colourful ribbon that binds the outside of each stack. Usually they are topped with a couple of plush toys and often will include tiny bottles of shampoo, powder, and diaper creams. Diaper cakes are easy to assemble and can be done with diapers that are purchased at a discount club and assembled with inexpensive ribbon either bought wholesale or through an online auction. You can buy pre-assembled diaper cakes with a lower profit margin. Making your own is cheap and easy and can be done with very little workspace.

Baby Bunch Bouquets

Another popular item at today's baby showers are baby bunch bouquets. These are onesies, socks, small knitted hats and bootees that are folded long ways and rolled into shapes to resemble flowers. These are then attached to floral wire and arranged with inexpensive silk foliage, making for a very attractive and unique present. Although you can easily assemble these items yourself out of wholesale baby clothes, they are available from wholesalers and will come in at a reasonable cost considering the labour involved in constructing a single "bouquet." They are easy to display and will sell quickly in a hospital gift shop for those on the go customers looking to buy a gift for a new mother.


Every mother needs a layette set for their little one. These popular baby shower gifts contain a baby hat, a small blanket, a onesie, a bib, bootees or socks and a matching burp cloth. Matching layette sets are difficult to assemble unless you are using a single manufacturer who makes all of the items. Buying and storing the individual items in bulk can be a great difficulty, not to mention obtaining gift boxes for the sets. Instead, consider purchasing layette sets already assembled for your convenience and a quick hassle-free sale. Check the resources section for speciality manufacturers that produce wholesale layette sets that will meet your shop's needs.

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