Metaphysical Properties of Larvikite

Updated April 17, 2017

Larvikite is known by many names, including birdseye granite, black moonstone and blue Norwegian moonstone. Larvikite is a mineral of the feldspar family and originates in Norway. Larvikite is associated with the Base or First Chakra, located at the base of the spine and controls grounding and self preservation. Larvikite typically comes in several shades of blue, dark grey and black.


Larvikite is associated with grounding. It is thought to aid in connecting with earth and the spirits of nature. Used in meditation, Larvikite is placed on the base of the spine to help strengthen connection to the earth and to self. Holding a grounding stone such as Larvikite in post-meditation is also thought to aid in bringing the user back to his body.

Past Life Regression

Larvikite is believed to stimulate stronger inner visions and psychic connections. Using Larvikite may aid in stronger visions in past life regression. Larvikite is also used in psychic travel and may protect the user by grounding the physical body. Clearer visions may help the user gain wisdom and knowledge about herself from past lives while keeping the thoughts rational and free of emotional ties.

Elemental/Earth Magic

Larvikite can be used in a wide array of elemental or earth magic because of its associations with Earth, grounding and nature. Using Larvikite helps strengthen earth spells and aids communication with the natural realms. In addition, Larvikite is thought to aid in releasing of unwanted spells. Larvikite may repel negative energy when worn, protecting against the possibly harmful spells of others.


Larvikite is thought to aid in the healing of skin disorders and in enhancing radiance and youthfulness. Used in meditation or during a crystal bath, Larvikite is thought to purify body tissue, enhance the metabolism and detoxify muscle tissue. Larvikite is also associated with helping ease the burden of learning disabilities by promoting clearer thinking.

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