The Best Chat Rooms Out There for Advice on Love & Relationships

Updated April 17, 2017

As much as people think they understand feelings and desires, these matters are trickier than they imagine. Because of such complicated matters, many people actively seek out advice on love and relationships. Chat rooms are a popular source of advice on love and relationships because they are anonymous and discreet. Chat rooms are plentiful for specific topics in the category of love and relationships.


According to an ACT for Youth study, dating is one of the most commonly discussed topics related to love and relationships for young people, who are still playing the dating game and have yet to settle down. Chat rooms for dating advice exist on dating discussion forums and online dating sites. The best chat rooms for dating advice are those on paid dating sites (e.g., eHarmony, Lavalife) because the people there are paying customers who are serious about dating.


Relationships can be confusing, particularly for people who don't have much experience with them. Fortunately, many discussion forums and chat rooms are available for those seeking relationship advice. offers several chat rooms specific to dating and relationship topics, while Yahoo has several user-created chat rooms and forums that have many active users who are willing to share advice. Icq is the best site for users who want to speak to a large number of people who are interested in dating because it is the highest ranking chat site in the world that has a specific dating channel. Yahoo groups are the best resource for people looking to discuss very narrow dating topics, as it has a large number of groups for niche topics.


Break-ups are emotional experiences for everyone involved, from the people in the relationship to their friends and family. Chat rooms offer people the chance to share stories and advice on how to deal with break-ups. The website Breakup Survivor has a chat room in which users can go to discuss their break-ups and share their advice on how to cope. It is the best chat room for the topic of break-ups because it is the only chat room that is solely dedicated to the topic and is supported with articles, message boards and links to related sites. Quality dating and break-up related chat rooms also are available on Yahoo Chat Rooms and

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage is perhaps the most complex subject related to love and relationships, as it encompasses legal topics as well as emotional and social topics. Chat rooms for marriage advice may focus on the emotional side of marriage, or may offer advice on the legal aspects of starting and ending relationships. Divorce in particular is a complicated subject, as it deals with the breakdown of families and the division of marital assets. has several chat groups dedicated to various marriage related topics, while offers a chat room dedicated specifically to marriage counselling. These chat rooms are the best for their respective topics because they are backed up with articles, message boards, blogs and other sources of information that elevate the level of discussion. Most other chat rooms and boards on these topics do not have these resources.

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