Christian Crafts for Women's Retreats

Updated March 17, 2017

Christian women's retreats provide a chance to recharge spiritually for women often busy with the responsibilities of home, family and work. Many also enjoy spending time working on crafts they may not have time for during their otherwise full schedules. Several craft options provide relaxing activities for Christian women at retreats.

Paper Crafts

Women can scrapbook and work on smaller projects, such as a mini album, that can be completed quickly. The mini album can include photos of their friends and the retreat campgrounds, especially if someone brings a portable printer. Other women can write personal messages in the scrapbook as a grown-up version of a school yearbook. The women may enjoy decorating journals that can be used to take notes at the retreat. Others may want to make cards to mail to family or give as encouragement to leaders or friends at the retreat itself.


Women may enjoy painting canvases with concrete or abstract images of how they believe God is speaking to them through their leaders or via the Bible during the weekend. Many ladies may not have expressed themselves in this way previously and paints, canvases and a variety of brushes may be just the thing they need to spark their creativity. Those who choose to paint an abstract picture can even print or paint a Bible verse on top of the canvas that reflects their thoughts of the retreat

Crafts with Fabric

Crafts involving fabric or yarn provide another option for those attending Christian women's retreats. Hand-sewn, simple projects or basic quilting offer relaxing activities for Christian women. Other options include knitting or crocheting. Choose basic projects that can be completed in a weekend and won't overwhelm the beginner. One example is knitting a square to send to AIDS orphans in Africa. KasCare's goal for 2011 includes 2,000 knitted garments, 5,000 blankets and 2,000 hats. The women can work on the project and benefit charity at the same time.

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