Police birthday cake ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Police men and women put their lives on the line every day they show up for work. Create a festive and themed birthday cake to honour the police man or woman in your life. Whether he is currently a police officer or a retiree, a police-themed birthday cake will steal the show.

Police Car

Create a 3-D police cruiser-shaped cake or a simple sheet cake with a police car on the top. Try to match the police cruiser as closely to the real one your police officer uses as possible. Make the police car appear more like a cartoon or realistic, depending on the overall theme of the party.

Handcuffs and Guns

A staple of a police officer's uniform are handcuffs and a gun. Create a sheet cake or tiered cake with gum paste or fondant handcuffs and a gun. If you do not have the time to create edible pieces, purchase a pair of plastic handcuffs and a toy gun from your local toy store to place on top of your cake instead.


When making a cake with a police badge, especially for a real police officer, make the badge look as realistic and accurate as possible. Draw a badge image on top of a sheet cake using royal icing, pastry bags and metallic food colouring. If you have the time, carve out a sheet cake in the shape of a police badge. Cover it with silver or gold fondant and use fondant cut-outs for the badge number, insignia and other wording.


It is a long-standing joke that cops do nothing but eat doughnuts. Humour the police officer in your life by creating a cake not from cake, but from doughnuts. Pick up several dozen doughnuts at your local bakery. Create a circle full of doughnuts on a cake stand and then continue piling the doughnuts up in a pyramid-like pattern. Top it off with birthday candles. Drizzle royal icing over the top.


A birthday cake does not have to be a cake, but can be a cupcake instead. Decorate cupcakes with blue, black, silver and white frosting. Top them off with edible or inedible handcuffs, badges, guns or even mini police figures. Purchase cupcake toppers from your local bakery supply store or purchase mini police cars from your local toy store to top off the police cupcakes.

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