Makeover Games for 10 Year Olds

Updated November 21, 2016

Makeover parties or gatherings are an exciting way for girls to hang with friends, polish their nails and wear some make-up. When planning a makeover party for 10-year-old girls, create a few games the girls can play to add to the makeover excitement. Playing games gives the girls time to bond, make new friends and earn a few prizes. Award makeover-themed prizes, such as lipstick and nail polish, to all game winners to keep the girls ready for the next makeover game.

Make-up Memory Tray

Get the party started with a game of memory. Place several make-up and makeover items, such as lipstick, a brush, hairspray, mascara, a sleep mask and lotion, on a tray. Have the girls sit around a table and place the tray in the middle of the table for one minute. Tell the girls to take a long look at the items. Remove the tray and place it in another room. Give the girls a sheet of paper and have them write down as many items as they can remember from the tray. The girl who remembers the most items wins the game.

Fashion Circle

Place several fashionable clothing items such as feather boas, high heels, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wigs, jewellery, hats and wacky glasses in a large black trash bag. Tell the girls to sit in a circle and place the bag in the middle of the circle. Hand one girl a brush and play music. When the music stops, the girl with the hairbrush must grab one item out of the trash bag, without looking, and put the item on. Keep playing until each item from the bag is gone. Award prizes to the funniest, best and scariest fashion outfits.

Crazy Makeovers

Have the girls select a partner and tell everyone they will give each other a crazy makeover. Give the girls coloured hairspray, neon hair extensions, glitter spray, gel, hair clips, ponytails, hairbrushes and a variety of make-up. Tell the girls they have 30 minutes to give each other a crazy makeover. After 30 minutes, everyone must come out and model their new look. Award a prize for the craziest, funniest and most creative makeovers.

Blindfolded Lipstick

Give each girl a cheap tube of bright red or pink lipstick. Blindfold each girl and spin her four times. When you say, "Find a partner," the girls must walk around trying to find a partner. When a girl finds a partner, she must attempt to put lipstick on that girl while still being blindfolded. Once everyone has lipstick on, have the girls take off their blindfolds. Award a prize for the best and worst lipstick application.

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