How to Attach Ribbons & Medals to Display Boards

Updated July 20, 2017

Display boards and cases are readily available online and at craft stores. Different display boards and cases can be used to separately display ribbons and medals from different activities or you can display ribbons and medals from several events together on one board or in one case. You can attach ribbons and medals to display boards in several different ways.


Thumbtacks come in many sizes and shapes. Use longer thumbtacks to attach more than one ribbon at each point on your display board. Use shorter thumbtacks to attach just one ribbon. Try using a long thumbtack and attach several ribbons at once to the middle of your display board. Then take the shorter thumbtacks to pin the ends of the ribbons in a fan pattern.

Medals usually come with a pin on the back and can be used as a thumbtack to tack the medal to your display board. Try arranging the medals in a design that simulates what event they are for. For instance, if you have several Boy Scout medals to display, arrange them in the shape of the Boy Scout emblem.

Decorative Pins

Pins can also be used to attach ribbons and medals. There are so many decorative pins available in craft shops today that you should be able to find one to match your event. Pins work best with corkboard display boards. If you have a wooden case, glue some cork to the wood and then attach the pin to the cork. Use patterned material and pin it as a bunting to your display case. Hide the string that holds the ribbon in place under the bunting.

Using pins for medals doesn't work unless the medal is made of a porous material that a pin will punch through, so decorate the rest of your board with decorative pins after you have attached the medals with their own pins.


Any school glue will work to attach a ribbon to a display board. Once the glue is dry, glue another emblem to the point where you attached the ribbon and you have a nice display. This works well if you glue a ribbon for a sport to your display case and then place a sticker matching the sport to the area where you glued the ribbon.

Industrial glue works very well to attach medals to any surface. If you want your medal to lay flat and it has a pin on the back, use a grinder or metal saw to remove the pin and then glue the medal to your surface. Again, this is a good time to make a design of your medals to match your event.

Wooden Number Grouping

Grouping your ribbons and medals to the event or the place you won make for a more formal display. If you have several number one ribbons, place a wooden number one on your display board and then hang all of your number one ribbons below it. Repeat with any other numbers.

Laying the ribbons next to each other and overlapping them also gives a nice look to the display case. This one works best if you remove the string that usually comes with the ribbon and attach it to the board with a flat thumbtack through the hole that the string was in.

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