Ferris Bueller Costume Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is a cult classic, a film that has become part of the fabric of pop culture and is still referenced now, decades after its release in 1986. The story of effortlessly cool Ferris and his perpetually terrified best friend Alan is funny, smart and oddly sweet and offers some excellent costume opportunities. Remember, like Ferris himself says, life moves pretty fast. If you slow down, you could miss it.

Sick Ferris

Ferris has several outfits in the movie, the easiest to pull off being Sick Ferris. Get a plain white T-shirt, pajama bottoms and socks and throw a dressing gown over the top. Ferris wears a vertically striped, red and grey one in the film but if you can't find that, use what you can find.

Classic Ferris

Replicating Ferris' classic look isn't hard at all. You need a pair of white tennis shoes, blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Finally, you need a tank top. Sweater vests were popular in the '80s, and you can find similar items in second-hand or thrift stores. Several companies sell replicas of the vest as well.

Leisure Ferris

If you're feeling particularly confident, go as Ferris when he's relaxing poolside. Get a pair of flip flops, a pink towel or dressing gown and a pair of blue Hawaiian-style boxer shorts. Add a drink in a tall, sealed cup, a huge 1980s cordless phone and, for effect, some sunglasses.

Cameron Frye

Ferris' perpetually stressed best friend spends much of the film in a Gordie Howe Detroit Red Wings hockey jersey. However, his other major look is as distinctive. Get a pair of black loafers and polish them, then add a pair of khaki slacks and black suspenders over a khaki green caduceus T-shirt.

Sloane Peterson

Sloane is the love of Ferris' life, simultaneously an island of calm in his manic day and a willing partner in crime. Sloane's best, and easiest, look to replicate is her costume in the art gallery scene. Get a pair of dark grey boots and long khaki shorts to begin with. Then, put on a white high collar T-shirt and put a blue tank top over it. Complete the look with a white jacket, leather if possible.

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