Cool Cake Decorating Ideas for a Bingo Theme

Updated February 21, 2017

Serving a cake during a festive occasion is a tradition not likely to ever die out. The cakes are often creatively designed to fit the occasion. For example, the birthday party of a bingo-lover and the anniversary of two people who met during a game of bingo are two occasions that might call for a cake with a bingo theme. A bingo game party is another occasion where a bingo cake will fit in with the festivities.

Bingo Card Cake

The bingo card cake may be rectangular to look more like a bingo card or it may be round with a bingo card drawn onto the surface. If any other messages or decorations will be added to the cake, the card should be drawn onto the cake with extra room for the additional decorations. A sheet cake with the image of a bingo card may also be used if you don't want to use frosting to draw the images onto the cake. Additional decorations can include bingo chips made out of red icing and bingo balls made out of white gumballs with numbers drawn onto them using a black food marker.

Bingo Cupcakes

If a card cake has been made without extra space for additional decorations, those decorations can be added to cupcakes and placed next to the card cake. For example, while the bingo chips might be placed on the bingo card cake, the bingo balls can be added to cupcakes. Make the cupcakes however you want, then place gumballs on top. Use white gumballs and draw the numbers onto them using a black food marker.

Special Card Numbers

The bingo card cake can be personalised by adding special numbers to the cake. At a birthday party, one of the numbers on the card cake might be the person's age. The person's age can be placed in the middle of the card using red icing while all of the other numbers are coloured black. If the bingo card cake is being served at a couple's anniversary party, some red bingo chips can be drawn under the black numbers which represent the date the couple met.

Message on a Cake

For a birthday party or a bingo game party, a fun message can be added to the cake with frosting. It might say something like, "We have a winner!" If the cake is being served at a couple's anniversary party, the message might read something like, "The game that brought us together" or "The game that changed our lives." It can also be as simple as "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary."

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