Techniques to Fit a Duvet Cover

The duvet, a Scandinavian quilt or comforter, became a popular choice for busy homemakers in many countries during the latter part of the 20th century. Its appeal lies in its simplicity. It takes only a few quick shakes to make a bed using a duvet, but with top sheets, blankets and bedspreads, the job gets a lot more time-consuming. Avoid the challenge of fitting a fresh duvet cover with a few straightforward techniques.

Inside Out

Spread the comforter over the bed. Turn the fresh duvet cover inside out. Put both hands into the cover and reach your fingers up into its two top corners, leaving the cover in loose folds over your forearms. Grasp the top corners of the comforter firmly through the cloth of the cover. Raise your arms high. Shake the comforter and cover sharply, several times. The loose folds of the cover will be shaken down over the comforter, helped on their way by gravity.


Spread an inside-out duvet cover over the bed, with the open end at the foot. Lay the comforter over the cover. Starting from the head of the bed, roll up the cover and comforter together. Stop two inches from the foot. Turn the open end of the cover back and feed the free two inches of comforter through the opening, fitting the bottom corners into place. Unroll the duvet along one side of the bed and then along the other, drawing the cover futher and further into place as you go.

Feeding Corners

Lay the cover on the bed, with the top corners flat and the rest of the fabric loosely gathered. Pull the top right corner of the comforter through the open end of the cover. Feed it up into the cover's top right corner. Feed the top left corner of the comforter into place in the same way. Pull the cover down over the comforter as far as possible. Feed the bottom corners into place.

Climb Inside

Spread the duvet cover over the bed with the open end at the foot. Fold the comforter in half along its length. Hold the comforter against your chest. Put your head and shoulders into the open end of the cover, dragging the comforter in with you. Unfold the comforter and push each of its corners into the appropriate portion of the cover. Withdraw from the cover, leaving the comforter in place.

Finishing Touches

Smooth the cover down with the flat of your hand. Grasp the bottom corners of the duvet and give it one firm shake to settle it. Button up the cover's opening or press the fastening studs into place to finish the job.

Best Technique?

A 2005 time trial by around 1,000 participants for the UK department store John Lewis found "feeding corners" was faster than either the "inside out" or "climb inside" technique. However, "inside out" may suit people with longer arms who can raise the duvet high and let gravity help them. The "rolling" technique may be best when dealing with very large duvets, while cumbersome "climbing inside" may suit energetic folk who want a workout with their chores.

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