Game Shark Cheats for "Final Fantasy Tactics"

Written by josh czoski
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Choosing Game Shark cheats for "Final Fantasy Tactics" takes some careful planning. Some cheat codes cause some straightforward benefits for the player, while others make modifications to existing player data (for example, progress already made in the game). In the latter case, some codes allow for shortcuts in character development.

In-battle Character Cheats

Typically in "Final Fantasy Tactics," five of the player's characters may participate in battle. The following codes work according to the in-battle unit number, and therefore take effect during battle only:

To max out command time (CT) for characters 1 through 5, respectively, enter: 801924fc0064,

801926bc0064, 8019287c0064, 80192a3c0064, 80192bfc0064.

For infinite hit points (HP) for characters 1 through 5, respectively, enter: 801924f403e7 (line space) 801924f603e7, 801926b403e7 (line space) 801926b603e7, 8019287403e7 (line space) 8019287603e7, 80192a3403e7 (line space) 80192a3603e7, 80192bf403e7 (line space) 80192bf603e7.

For infinite magic points (MP) for characters 1 through 5, respectively, enter: 801924f803e7 (line space) 801924fa03e7, 801926b803e7 (line space) 801926ba03e7, 8019287803e7 (line space) 8019287a03e7, 80192a3803e7 (line space) 80192a3a03e7, 80192bf803e7 (line space) 80192bfa03e7.

Character Class Modifier Cheats

In the character menu outside of battle, all characters can be viewed with each corresponding to a number. The following codes change a character with a particular number to a particular class; all except the last three digits determine the character to be changed, while the remaining digits indicate the resulting class change:

For selecting characters 1 through 16 (1 is also the "Hero"), respectively, enter the first nine digits in the code lines as follows: 80057F760, 800580760, 80058170, 800582760, 800583760,

800584760, 800585760, 800586760, 800587760, 800588760, 800589760, 80058A760,

80058B760, 80058C760, 80058D760, 80058E760.

For the last three digits, determining the class-change, enter the following: 005 Holy Knight; 006 Ark Knight; 007 Squire; 008 Ark Knight; 009 Holy Knight; 00A Duke; 00B Duke; 00C Princess; 00D Sword Master; 00E Pope; 00F Draguna; 010 High Priest; 011 Dark Knight; 013 Bishop; 014 Cleric; 016 Engineer; 017 Dark Knight; 018 Sedinal; 01B Ark Knight; 01C Dilita's sister; 01D Ark Duke; 01E Holy Knight; 01F Temple Knight; 020 White Knight; 021 Arc Witch; 022 Engineer; 023 Baicount; 024 Divine Knight; 025 Divine Knight; 026 NightBlade; 027 Sorcerer; 028 White Knight; 02A Divine Knight; 02B Engineer; 02C Cleric; 02D Assassin; 02E Assassin; 02F Divine Knight; 030 Cleric; 032 Soldier (Cloud); 033 Ark Knight; 034 Holy Knight; 035 Item User; 036 White Mage; 037 Black Mage; 038 Yin/Yang Mage; 03C Majin; 03D Knight; 03E Angel of Death; 03F Archer; 040 Conquerer; 041 Holy Angel; 042 Black Mage; 044 Time Mage; 046 Yin/Yang Mage; 047 Summoner; 048 Holy Dragon

049 Great Holy Angel.

Debug Codes

Debug codes enable the player to modify parts of a game in various ways. For the battle debug menu, enter 8016BC1C0003; for the world debug menu, enter D01980900000 (line space) 801980900006; for the general debug mode, enter 8009A05C0041 (line space) 8009ABF60041.

Permanent Effect Codes

Other codes affect gameplay without respect to any conditions. For infinite gil, enter 8005483CE0FF (line space) 8005483E05F5; to unlock Cloud Strife, enter 800588740932 (line space) 800588760032 (line space) 8005888A0F0F (line space) 8005889E FFFF (line space) 800589322F0C (line space) 800589343832 (line space) 80058936FF27; to prevent job points from decreasing, enter: D004760C0001 (line space) 8011FAD40000; to get all items, enter 50006F020000 (line space) 800597006363; for quick level-ups in battle, enter: 801924ec63ff (line space) 801926ac63ff (line space) 8019286c63ff (line space) 80192a2c63ff (line space) 80192bec63ff.

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