5 senses art projects for preschool

Written by kay tang
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5 senses art projects for preschool
Have children use coloured cereal to make collages, exploring sight, taste, smell and touch. (Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

Preschool art projects on the five senses enable children to use their senses to create art. By focusing a child on the use of one sense, such as taste, an arts project can heighten the child's awareness of how he uses that sense to experience his environment. These projects can also promote a child's acceptance of how others experience the world differently via their senses.


Show children the work of renowned artists with different styles, such as Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollack, Salvador Dali, Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt. Pin posters of famous paintings on the wall for the children to view. Give them paint, crayons, markers and construction paper. Challenge them to imitate the art. Hand out toilet paper rolls. Have the children decorate the rolls. Pass out glue sticks so they can create binoculars. Pass out different coloured sheets of cling film and rubber bands. Have them secure a piece of cling film over one end of the binoculars and look at the world through a coloured lens.


Hand out white paper and crayons to the children, and take them outdoors. Press a sheet of paper against a brick. Rub the crayon back and forth over the paper. Ask them what kind of texture is created by the brick. Is it smooth or bumpy? Have them search for different objects, such as grass, rocks or pavement, to do crayon rubbings. Collect items with different textures, such as fabric scraps, cotton balls, fake fur, sandpaper and feathers. Have the children glue these items on paper to create a collage.


Mix a few drops of food colouring or paint into a bowls of shaving cream. Have the children paint with the shaving cream. Add scents, such as mint or vanilla extract, to paint, so they pick up a distinct scent while painting. Have them finger-paint with chocolate pudding or flavoured gelatin. Place a long sheet of butcher paper on the floor. Sprinkle different flavours of Kool-Aid on the sheet. Hand out spray bottles filled with water. Ask the children to spray the sheet, watch the paint form and swirl it around with their fingers.


Put out two large bowls of multicoloured cereal, such as Fruit Loops. Draw the outlines of a rainbow on a sheet of paper and make copies for the children. Have the children glue the cereal into the different rays of the rainbow. Instruct them that one bowl of cereal is for eating and the other bowl is for painting.


Gather craft bells, yarn, styrofoam cups, crayons and markers. Knot a piece of yarn to a bell, making one for each child. Ask the children to colour their cups. Poke a hole in the bottom of each child's cup and thread the yarn through the hole. Knot the other end, so the child has her own bell. Ask the children to shake their bells. Tape a sheet of butcher paper to the floor. Set out pans of paint. Ask the children to take off their socks and shoes. Put on playful music. Have them dance on the paper to create a footprint mural. Keep towels on the side to wipe their feet.

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