The Best Small Hoovers

Updated February 21, 2017

The term "small Hoover" covers four different types of vacuum manufactured by Hoover. It is used to describe vacuums with a full range of cleaning tools, but which take up little space when stored in a cupboard. It is also used to describe the company's stick vacuums, hand held machines or floor sweepers with rechargeable batteries, used to clean up crumbs and other spillages when you don't want to get out your main vacuum. To identify the best small Hoover vacuum for your needs, you will have to decide how you will use it.

Space Saving Canister

If you want a small Hoover because you need one that occupies little storage space, the company's Portable Canister Cleaner has extra space-saving features, such as one telescopic extension wand that is easier to store than several interlinking wands. On-board tool storage also saves space, as does the combination dusting and crevice tool. The vacuum has one floor tool with retractable brushes, which are lowered to clean hard floors and raised to vacuum carpeting and rugs.

The cleaner's cable takes up no extra space as it retracts inside the canister. The vacuum is easily stored in a closet, as it has two parking hooks for the floor cleaning head -- one on the rear and one on the base. This means it can be stored either on its base, with the floor tool anchored to the rear, or on its rear, with the floor tool anchored to the base.

Hoover Linx System

The Hoover Linx System incorporates 2 small vacuums -- the Linx stick vacuum for carpets, rugs and hard flooring and the Linx handheld vacuum for upholstery, stairs and general dusting. Both are powered by 18 volt rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The batteries are interchangeable between machines and extra batteries are available to ensure you never run out of cleaning power. The handheld Linx includes a crevice tool and dusting brush for detail cleaning. Neither vacuum has a hose or a power cable. This makes the system suitable for any apartment or small dwelling where storage space is at a premium.

Small Second Vacuums by Hoover

If you own a large upright or canister vacuum, you may want a small second vacuum for quick cleanups. The Linx handheld is convenient for quickly removing crumbs and debris from sofas, chairs and tables. It is also a convenient handheld for stair cleaning. Hoover's Flair and Cyclonic stick vacs are convenient for quick floor cleaning in heavy traffic areas such as porches and halls.

Hoover Sweeper

Hoover's Sonic Sweep, a rechargeable sweeper, is convenient for quickly removing crumbs and debris from kitchen floors. It combines sonic vibrations and a motorised brushroll to pick up dust and dirt. The cleaning head can be adjusted to also clean rugs and carpeting. When fully charged, the Sonic Sweep will function for 40 minutes. The handle is removable, allowing the sweeper to be used on stairs and furniture.

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